Tiny Klaine Stories: Shopping

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{Hiiii everyone! I'm Mahoor & I want to say a few sentences before you start reading this Short Klaine story: 

I have recently joined the glee fandom and am almost done with the third season & will soon start watching the forth. Can't wait for the fifth! I love glee & my fave couple -as you may guess- is: Klaine! So all I want to do is sharing short, funny, romantic & sweet stories of our one & only Kurt Hummel & Blaine Anderson with you!  

Got to tell you that each part will have a different plot & I'll go on writing them for as long as I get support from you. :) 

I will be so honored if you vote this or leave comments. Oh also tell me if you love the cover, I've edited myself. :) 

With no more words, here is my very first story on wattpad. 

•I spread love & ignore the hate•}


**Blaine's P.O.V**

It was a Friday night & my perfect boyfriend: Kurt & I were walking along a street when:  

_:"Oh my Gosh!!!! I've never noticed this clothing store here! Can we go in it & take a look? Please, please, please!!!"said Kurt with so much excitement in his beautiful blue-green eyes, those eyes... Aaaah! They made me agree with anything he wanted.  

_:"Uhm...okay... Okay, sure!"I said, grabbing his hand & walking in to the store.

We looked at the different things in there & he took bunch of clothes & stuff. I stopped him from walking by putting a hand on his shoulder:"You don't want to buy them all, do you?"I was kind of scared. I knew that I was the one who was going to pay & for sure I was happy about it but if he wanted to buy those all I had to sell my car or something! 

_:"Sure I do! Blaaaaaine, come on, look at this tie, isn't it so fantastic?"he started swinging a blue-green tie in front of my face, it matched his eyes. 

_:"Yes it is but what about the rest? Do you really need them all?" 

_:"Who cares? I mean not really! But anyways I want to have them!" 

I faked a smile & took my hand away so he started walking again. 

About 5 minutes later he was done picking things & looked at me:"I'm done!"  

I looked at the store basket he was carrying with him which was full of shirts, pants, a tie, 3 pairs of shoes & some hats. 

_:"Kurt... I hate to say this but I think these are a little bit too..." He cut me:"I know, I know these are just a few, but believe me, I don't need anything more! So don't feel guilty, I got all I wanted!" A beautiful smile appeared on his face & I couldn't believe that was what he was thinking I wanted to say.  

_:"Actually I wanted to tell you that these are a lot! You don't really need them, so just pick those you really need."I was kind of embarrassed of saying that. 

_:"Oh..."his smile vanished as he realized what my point was. 

_:"I'm sorry... Just don't be mad at me..." What I wanted the least was him being mad at me for not buying him, things he wanted me to buy. 

He looked at the basket & took out a red shirt which had yellow & green circles on it:"Was I drunk when I chose this?! Ew!" He threw it on a table which was meant for the stuff costumers picked, tried on & didn't want. I smiled at him when I realized he was getting rid of most of the basket containing. He took them out & just left a pair of shoes, a gray suit, the tie & a black cap which had golden tinsel on it. 

_:"So I'm guessing these are enough. Let's go and pay!" He said smiling at me. 

_:"Don't you want to try the suit on?" 

_:"Oh I forgot I should do that!" He chuckled, took the suit & went to a room in which you could try on the cloths. A few minutes later he came out & he was wearing it & got to say it perfectly suited his body. 

_:"Hey, hang this around your neck"I handed him the tie & he did that.  

_:"So?"he asked, striking a pose in front of me. 

_:"You look adorable!"I said smiling at his perfection:"Anything will look super cute on you!" 

_:"Awe!" He said gathering his lips like a baby. 

_:"Kurt, stop that!" 

_:"Stop what?"he said still gathering his lips. 

_:"Being so cute!!" I said staring into his eyes, smiling & then continued in a low voice:"We are in a public place, please don't make me do what I shouldn't do here!" 

He blushed a bit & said:"Ooh! And what is that?" He had a naughty smirk then. 

_:"Aaah... That's this!"I said leaning to him & kissed him with a lot of passion. 

_:"Sir, are you done? I need to try on this shirt!" Said a man standing behind me, holding the red shirt Kurt threw away a few minutes ago. 

We separated immediately & kurt answered him:"Yes, I'll be out in a minute." I just looked down & went out of his way so he could go & take off his suit.

Later we came out of the store while Kurt was holding two bags in his hands:"So do you think that the suit was that great or just because I wore it, it looked great?" 

_:"I think the suit was very well processed!"I said, laughing, walking on his side. 

_:"What did you just say?" He said punching me jokingly on my chest.


{I know it wasn't that good but hey, it'll get better!;)}

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