Chapter 2 - |Krystle|

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(Krsytle and Alden(baby father) & Eva in MM )

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(Krsytle and Alden(baby father) & Eva in MM )

"Krystle, I need you to sign off on these design plans." Krystle's very loyal assistant Trevor, better known around the office and to her as  "coco" told her missing the underlying sadness in his tone. She was inside her office sitting on her office couch going through documents of potentially finding more investors for her next major software project. Krystle was top creative director in her software firm, the only female with a position as high as hers and she was busting her ass everyday to prove that she was more than capable of handling such a demanding position. 

She was a beast at her job and everyone knew it, but by how many hours she put in at work, you would think she wouldn't have anytime set aside for her beautiful four year old daughter, Eva. Eva was the light of her world. A spitting image of her mother with ocean blue eyes, pale skin, golden hair and  Eva was such a precious gift that any mother could wish for. At three years old, Eva was an energetic, lively child who wanted for nothing. A little spoiled but that came with the turf of having a mommy and Daddy with money to blow. The two of them were very established in life that even if they lost their jobs tomorrow, they would be set for a very long time.

If anything these long hours were for her daughter. She didn't want Eva growing up wanting for nothing. 

Krystle looked up at Coco and smiled sweetly. She loved her eccentric assistant. He was diligent, loyal, hardworking and best of all very loud. Not loud in the sense of tone but personality. He was probably the gayest man she'd ever met and she loved it. He kept her up to date with work as well as celeb gossip, fashion and juicy gossip around the office. Of course they had a no gossip policy but he seemed to discreetly get the dirt of everybody. He made her long hours seem doable. 

He returned the smile and passed off the papers to her. Of course she had to overlook them one more time to make sure everything is in order. "Looks good Coco." She began signing off on the dotted lines but noticed that Coco was silent. Usually, he would have started talking about the latest office gossip or something but he was quiet. Very unusual. 

Krystle looked up at him and furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. "You okay, Coco? There's no tea to spill today?" Coco with his usually joyful filled brown eyes looked down at her but in sadness. Before he could say anything, Krsytle reached for his hand and that must have triggered an emotion because Coco just began sobbing. 

"Oh no, sweetie." Krsytle was a big time softie. She couldn't stand to see anyone else cry because then she would start crying. She was a succubus when it came it other people's emotions. Coco's sobs were very low, for one the door was open and he hated crying in front of other people. He was a strong person and he wanted to show it at all times. "Come sit." Krystle stood to her feet. Ignoring the cries from her feet in her five and half inch Guiseppe's and closed the door  and closed the blinds that saw into her office. The last thing she needed was word going around that Coco was in tears.

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