Chapter 24: I Live For You

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"We've both gone through our fair share of pain Eredhelil. You remember my mother, and her views on the world. I lived out every day under those horrendous beliefs, and in the end it did nothing. During the war, after it, you know what happened. Or maybe you don't remember? My brother and I, were cast out, disowned by our mother. My father was murdered in the war, assassinated, and you know what she said as the reason she disowned us? She said, 'you remind me of him, and now he's gone. You have disobeyed me, and therefore have no right to rule this kingdom. I never want to see you again, and If I do. I will not hesitate to drain every drop of blood from those bodies of your until your dead.'" She said, making the room go quiet, silence. Eredhelil stood still, not moving, barely breathing. "We've all got reasons to hate our mothers, but, that doesn't make up for anything." She took the longer shred of cloth on the floor and wrapped it around the girls bare torso. It would stop the bleeding. "You pushed yourself too hard today, take care of yourself Ered, yourself." Deigil got up from the ground and went over to the door, she had to get out of here, needed fresh air. Her feet pushed her to the door and she opened it, revealing a dark hallway. When she glanced back at the woman sitting behind her, the princess's head was hung low. They needed to have the conversation eventually, at least now it was done. "Good night." 

"Wait. I want to show you something," Eredhelil stated abruptly. The snowy white haired princess walked over to Deigil and grabbed her hand, dragging her out of the room and into the night. They walked for a while, and ended up going outside of the palace. It was beautiful at night, at least when there weren't any blizzards. They walked up hills and through patches of trees, frost hanging from all the branches. Every time she looked at them, it reminded her of the snowy winter wonderland she always dreamed about. They came to an opening in the trees, and immediately, she knew where they were. There was one big tree that stood extremely tall, long icicles hanging from it's branches. There were small creatures flying around it, they glowed a beautiful blueish purplish color. They made the whole place glow, the grass beneath the tree was covered by a soft coat of frost, reflecting the blue light. The moonlight lit the frozen roses up making them glisten. The whole array was complimented by a lake, a large beautifully frozen lake, one that brought back memories. "You remember, don't you?"

"Yes, I do." It was all she could say, she moved to sit underneath the tree, the cool air kissing her skin. "This place, it was our safe haven, no one could find us here. It was, special."

"Yah, I do remember all the fun we had. Like that time you fell through the ice on the lake, and got extremely cold. I remember feeding you soup for a good two weeks before you had the energy to get our of bed," Eredhelil continued, that certainly was a fun day. Their mothers were off doing queen business, and they had the day to themselves. Ered thought it would be fun to go to our special spot and read on the lake. She also thought it would be cool, but in the end the ice was too thin where she was laying, and she fell right through. She still remembers how cold it was, it felt like little knives piercing her skin. Although she laughed, the girl never left her side. Eredhelil fed her, brought her blankets, and kept her safe. 

"Yea, it was really cold though. I also remember all the times we fell asleep under this tree. Syson would have to come find us and tell us to come back, we'd be so wrapped up in each other that nothing else mattered." It was their little wonderland, their's, and their's alone. 

"I remember it well. Just so you know, I loved you too." Even though she already knew the fact, it caught her off guard to hear those words again. To hear them even in past tense was still a shock to her heart. Eredhelil looked off to the moon, and sighed, being able to see the warmth of her breath. "And I still love you." Her heart ached, with sorrow and pain. The words rang in her head and made her feel a tightness in her chest. Deigil looked on to the girl and saw her looking back. Those red eye met her own and she felt out of control, like she was weak enough that her knees would buckle. 


"When the war happened, I didn't know if you had survived. I wanted to believe that you did, I wanted to. And when you looked at me that way in the hallway, the day we saw each other again, I broke Deigil. I broke. My heart broke and all that hope I'd held onto all those years, was crushed. I was considering letting myself die actually, but then I remembered your words from years ago, our promise. And it brought back that hope of love." The girl was crying, she was crying. So much crying the past few days, everything was just coming out. All the secrets, all the feelings. 


"I didn't live to kill anyone, I don't like killing people. I didn't live for the sake of my mother, or my kingdom." She paused and looked over her shoulder at Deigil. The tears made her eyes sparkle. "I lived for you. And now.... I live for you." Ered...Ered...She. Deigil looked at the girl, covering her mouth, she cried and wept. Why!Why!Why! She felt it, every missing moment, every missing feeling. All the secrets, all the pain was flushing through her. Eredhelil loved her, she... And even after. Deigil moved closer to the girl, letting herself subdue to temptation. She gently placed her lips on the girls, feeling the familiar warmth. Immediately it brought it all back, all the love, and joy, and happiness. 

"Ered-" But, she was interrupted by Eredhelil kissing her, their energies winding together. She felt the soft lips she'd craved for the past century. They stayed like this, locked together, their lips never parting. Her warmth, her passion, them together, she felt it like it was back then. Back then... When their love didn't die. She loved her, loved her so much. And when their lips separated, she hugged her letting it all out. Crying, kissing, hugging, it all reminded her so much of, back then. "I love you Eredhelil, I will love you...forever."

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