Chapter 24: I Live For You

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Deigil cleaned the wounds once again, Eredhelil just sat there. She couldn't look away from her, what if the princess had gotten seriously hurt? Or worse died? Her wounds opened, they bled everywhere from what the girl did. Her damned mother, why was she doing this? They were silent, Syson had left hours ago. She couldn't take her eyes off of her though, even though her heart still was aching. The girls hair shimmered in the moonlight that shone through the windows. Deigl continued to clean the wounds that still remained on the neck and torso of the woman even though it's been four days. They should have healed a little by now, but they just seemed to be worse. She focused on the scrapes and scratches that covered the princess's body, being careful not to hurt her more. 

"You don't need to be so careful Deigil. I'll be okay," Eredhelil said and smiled faintly as she looked away from her. She began working more thoroughly, still being careful, but less worried about hurting her. "I've got a question."

"You should ask it then, this silence is awkward don't you agree?" She said moving onto the girls stomach, which was even worse from all the intense movement Eredhelil did in battle. There was bleeding still, even after it had been a while. Deigil gently used a wet cloth to wipe away all the excess blood. 

"Why are you still helping me? I thought I made you upset, didn't I? Aren't you still mad?" Truthfully she didn't know. She still couldn't help her feeling towards Meathil, but what... What were her feelings towards Eredhelil? Was she even mad? Not really, she wanted to help, but why?

"I am upset, but not mad. I just wish, wish you had tried a bit harder. But now that I see the hell you've been through, I sort of understand it," Deigil spoke, her voice wavering. She just cleaned, didn't look at her, just took care of the wound. 

"I didn't want to drag you into everything Deigil."

"I wouldn't have cared, as long as I was with you Ered. It wouldn't have mattered to me if we both had to be executed, or had to defeat an army, all I wanted was to be with you," She said forcefully, she didn't want it to come out that roughly, but it did. It didnt matter to her what shit they had to go through! As long as they were together, she-she didn't care. But they weren't, and that is what made her angry. 

"I cared though! I still care! I don''t see you die! Deigil I, I just can't. And if I had to drag you through the same torture I have been going through, I would rather you just stay away. So I didn't bring you into it, my mother, she would have done terrible things to you, worse than I can even imagine." The princess looked down at her, her face serious, and stern. "I would never bring harm to you."

"But you did, even if you didn't mean it. I thought you hated me! Heck I thought you died in the war! How the hell was I supposed to know you still loved me or was even alive when you did nothing to contact me?!" Deigil yelled and could feel the rising agony in her voice, she hadn't told her she was even alive. She remembered it clearly, the days she spent mourning. The days she spent crying, yelling, cursing at the world for taking her away, for taking away her Eredhelil. She took off the cloth from the girls torso and looked at her directly, tearing up a little. "I loved you! I loved you more than you could imagine! So much! So...So much. And, I-I couldn't."

"You know my mother Deigil, you know what she is capable of. I didn't want there to be any risk of you getting hurt, of she finding you. It was hard to stay away, to... not come straight to you and take you back with me. I know...I know I didn't send word, I know I didn't tell you I was alive, but I did it to keep you alive," Eredhelil said, the girl sitting up now from her laid down position. "You don't know how bad she is, you don't know how much pain and suffering you would have gone through."

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