Time & Sorrow

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It’s quiet in Fial's garden, in the hidden valley of Orestol. Sometimes too quiet: too isolated. Memories crawl out, ones hard to escape or deal with.

The valley had been through a tough time. As had Fial. And she still dwelt on these more than she knew was good for her. But they would not go away, she could not shift them to the margins and so move away from the times of damage and discord, through the eye of change, to a time when sorrow is more a memory than part of her day-to-day life.

While pondering and remembering, Fial wanders into the forest outwith the normality of the valley, where she goes when struggling to manage the world.

This includes only the core text - there are additional words and images on my website. This si also not the final, polished text - though there are unlikely to be any major changes.

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