Chapter 36- Superman

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Chapter 36- Superman

I sit in silence as we drive to the hotel we are staying at for tonight. I'm tired, I don't know why, it's only half past ten.

I don't know what to think about the kiss. The thing is, I always over think or I don't think about it at all. But when I do over analyse thing, its always in a pessimistic way.

I try to force any thoughts about the kiss away as I listen to Ryan and Sebastian argue about which one is better; Batman or Superman.

Personally I like both I mean, Batman is all dark and mysterious and has a deep voice which is super hot and his muscles are also always on point but then Superman is also really sexy, especially his face, like damn, its all chiseled and perfect and he even looks hot with his glasses on.

"No, Superman has laser vision and is like a god, he is so strong, he can't be beaten." Ryan says.

"Dude, Batman is better, he doesn't have a weakness like Superman does." Sebastian argues.

"Yeah but Batman is human." Ryan says.

Being human is a weakness.

I tune out until we reach the hotel. I look up when Jordan stops the car in front of the hotel and gasp.

It was like those amazingly expensive hotels that only major celebrities could afford. There was a golden haze to the entire building because of the lights which made it look even fancier and more expensive than before, there was also a huge fountain by the entrance which was breathtaking.

 There was a golden haze to the entire building because of the lights which made it look even fancier and more expensive than before, there was also a huge fountain by the entrance which was breathtaking

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I hopped out the car and walked alongside Ryan, into the hotel. The chauffers working at the place took our car from us to park it underground and men wearing red suits took our bags up to our room for us.

"How the hell are we going to pay for this?" I ask Sebastian while Dylan goes to talk to the old man at the front desk.

Sebastian laughs, "Honey, in case you have forgotten, Dylan's dad is a billionaire. He owns hotels, mostly in Dubai but this is one of the hotels he owns here and so we stay here for free." Sebastian explains.

Right, I remember Jordan telling me something like that at Sebastian's party a while ago.

We get our cards for our rooms and pair up, Dylan wraps his arm around my shoulder, "I'm with this nerd." he states and I roll my eyes.

Grace and Ruby go together, Sebastian and Jordan and Ryan with London. London refused to sleep with a girl so she ended up with the sex crazed boy. God, I hope I don't get the room next to theirs.

We go up to our rooms and I drop my bag to the floor with a sigh. The room is amazing, everything about this hotel is perfect.

I finally have the chance to ask Dylan if he actually likes me. I honestly need to cross my fingers because this is Dylan Thompson we are talking about.

Not waisting time, I turn to face Dylan, "Dylan, do you like me?" I ask.

Dylan stares at me for a while and then he bursts into laughter, he bends over, clutching his stomach.

My heart drops, everyone knows laughter means he thinks its a joke. Of course it's a joke to him, it Dylan Thompson, I'm just a nerd.

"Why would you think that?" he asks after he has calmed down.

I frown, "Because you kissed me..." I say slowly.

He shakes his head, trying not to laugh at me again, "I kiss hundreds of girls all the time, Maya. It doesn't mean anything." he states nonchalantly.

It feels like my heart just shattered if that was possible. I suck in a deep breath, suddenly feeling like I'm struggling to breathe. My entire body feels numb and hollow.

I take in a deep breath and step foward, towards Dylan, slapping him straight across the face, "I hate you." I whisper and walk out the door, tears threatening to fall.

It doesn't mean anything.

He took my first kiss and it meant nothing to him.


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