Chapter 3- Spar; vs. Saito

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Here is a little warning, my action scene suck. So, I'm terribly sorry. *bows a million times*

You can skip it if you want, it's your decision.

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They are now at the training ground in front of the sort of temple like house. Everyone sat on the staircase, while Saito and Sayuri are about 5 inches away with each other.

"Are you going to use your left or right ?" Saito asked

"I'll use my right since your a left handed swords-man" Sayuri said. The both of them pulled their swords out. Saito then did his fighting stance.

"But you will never know when I'll use my left in this fight" Sayuri added and did her fighting stance also.

" This will be interesting" Shinpachi muttered

" Gammbatte, Sayuri" Heisuke cheered while raising a fist.

Saito attacked Sayuri first but she quickly blocked it. Sayuri used half of her strength so that Saito could release his grip on his sword. Realizing that she can't do it, she quickly backed away. When she backed away, she disappeare. Saito turned around and blocked her surprise attack.

" That was so close" Harada said while wiping a sweat from his forehead

" Who do you think will win, Souji ?" Kondou asked while crossing his arms.

" Probably Sayuri-chan. But after Hajime-kun, I'm going to win my spar with her" Souji said while having a serious look and a grin. Kondou then chuckled

" Just take it easy on her" Souji looked at Kondou and smiled

" No can do, Kondou-san" the both of them focused on the battle of Saito and Sayuri.

Saito kept on attacking slashes at her but she keeps on dodging his attacks. She then switched her sword to her left. She then walked a bit on her left and turned her footing. When she saw Saito's back view, she then pushed him on the ground. Saito was about to stood up but was stopped when Sayuki pointed the tip of her sword in front of his face. Saito looked at her and smirked.

" You did pretty well" Sayuri smiled at him. She put her sword back on it's sheath and helped Saito stood up. They then looked at the viewers giving them around of appluase.

" That was an awesome fight. A bit short, but still an awesome fight" Harada commented. Souji then stood up and placed one of his hand on one of the sheath of his sword.

" You did won against Saito-kun. But let's see if you can defeat me" he smirked



" How about we make a deal before we continue this ?" he continued

" Okay then. So, what's the deal ?"


' That was fast. How did that happen. I just saw a silver or white hair. What was that ?" she thought scaredly

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