Chapter 21

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Tris P.O.V:

We finally get to take baby Xaiver home today and introduce him to everyone. As I already applied for my job about a couple of weeks ago, Christina offered to look after him until I get back (Verity will be at pre-school). I start my new trainer job as of next week.

Being a mother of 2 kids and having a job is going to be hard but I have Uriah to support me, and when the time is right, maybe Four when we tell Verity.

We met the gang (including Four and Nita, ugh, and Tori, yay!) at the pit so they can meet Xaiver and as soon they saw him all they wanted to do was hold him. This may take a while.
Hey guys, another really short chapter, I know, but I'm hoping to do a longer chapter soon so it'll take a while.
Yay or Nay?
- Emilee xx

P.S. It's not out yet but me and Charlotte are making a Dan and Phil Fanfiction!

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