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hey everyone !! yes it's me meg :). I haven't gotten the chance to make a chapter on here so I'm excited that I finally am ! my au's && one shots will most likely either include tvd,  or just random things I come up with haha. hope you enjoy =) 


I sat down in my classroom, as it was unbearably silent. The only sound inevitable was the pitter-patter of the pencils tapping against the hard surface the desks, and the slight ticking of the clock above the wall. 

I pressed out a silent sigh, before I hesitantly shifted my body sideways, moreover behind me, to glance at the dark blonde haired boy. He had his elbow prominately sat upon his desk, his hand colliding into a fist that was holding his head up. I furrowed my eyebrows slightly, I could see the distress laced with in his eyes, and it was aching at me. 

If only I could read his mind. I could always read him like an open book, and I used to be able to look into his eyes for only a nano second and I could immediately tell what was wrong, or if something was troubling him. I can do that with almost everyone, and at times I couldn't tell if it was a gift or a disgrace. I'm Riley Matthews, the girl who can look into someone's eyes and tell if their in pain or not, the girl who is supposed to fix everything and everyone. But that also came with an unbearable amount of guilt being placed upon your shoulders, knowing that someone's in pain, knowing that something is aching at them inside but you can't do anything about it. Because some things can't be fixed. For once in my life, I couldn't figure it out what was bothering him. 

 But he hasn't looked directly into my eyes for moreover than a week.

So how could I possibly tell? He's barely spoken to me all week long, hasn't answered my calls, my texts. I knew something was wrong, I mean you're supposed to talk to your girlfriend, aren't you? I think communication is in the guidelines of relationships.

Because that's what we did best, me and Lucas. Was just talking to each other. But it seems that that has slowly faded all week long, no matter how hard I tried to speak to him. He kept pushing me away, which is not like him. And it was breaking me. 

Finally snapping out of my hazy daze, I tore my gaze away from Lucas quickly, realizing that if my teacher had caught me longing, I would be in for a longing detention. 

I set my elbows against my desk, cupping my face with my frantic hands. Once again, my breathing hitched in my throat as I glanced around the solemn classroom. One bad thing about getting your homework done before almost everyone else, you can't leave. All the more I deal with it, it gives me more time to observe the classroom, the people in it. 

The ticking noise became inevitably louder, as I glanced upwards to the clock on the wall. I bit the edge of my lip, as the ticking sound became a countdown. Finally, it rung. 

I let go of a breath I didn't know I was holding, as my body relaxed. Last class of the day was always a relief. I stood up, quickly turning behind me to grab my purple galaxy backpack. I looked upwards, to see Lucas frantically shoving his papers into his book bag.

"Lucas." I spoke, but he didn't flinch once. He just swiftly slung his backpack on his shoulders, before pushing past me slightly, his eyes darting into mine for only a second, but it was long enough.

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