Chapter 18 - His secret

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I closed the door behind me and laid down on my bed. I put my hands behind the head and stared for a while at the cover.

I lied at Niall. Ok, not all was a lie. I gave him a tip…hopefully he get it right. But I don’t feel well with Katia’s plan now. After Niall showed me his feelings for Dodo… what will he say after he has seen Dodo and me? But what should I do? When I would talk with Doreen, would she cancel our plan? I don’t know. Well, I think I won’t speak with her about it, because I’m afraid… I don’t want to make more problems. And maybe our plan will work… But why am I so worried about it?

After a few more minutes I finally fell asleep.

*The next morning*

I woke up, because my phone rang.

1 new message from Dodo

I opened it.

Hello handsome (; Wanna meet today? We can go to the cinema, if you like to. (: xx

I replied: Good morning sweetie :D Sure, be there at 3pm (: xx

She answered: I’ll be there :D Looking forward to see you. Xx

My first date with Doreen!

Nono, wait… is it a date? No, we’re only friends…

I took a shower and then I made breakfast for me and the lads. I was really quite this morning. They asked me, if I’m sick. I shook my head. After I finished eating, I went back my room. 5 hours left till I’ll meet Dodo. I need to calm myself down. So I took my sketch pad and draw a few pics. One was from Harry. It looks really funny and so I uploaded on Twitter, with the comment: “I’m Harry :D xx”

I looked at my watch. Oh god. It was aready 14:03. I need to hurry up now. I put on a jeans and a shirt. I apply also some perfume. But where’s my purse? It laid in my shoes. How did it get in there? Sometimes I’m really crazy. I went towards the door, grabbing my car keys and shout: “I’m meeting Dodo, bye lads.” And ran outside the flat. After 15 minutes I arrived at the cinema. Dodo wasn’t there yet. So I searched for a window and checked my outfit again. Suddenly a voice said: “You look beautiful, Mr. Malik.” I turned around and saw Dodo. “Awwh thank you.” I hugged her. “But you look even more beautiful.” Did she blush?

“Thank you.” Dodo replied and smiled.

Yes she did…

“So which movie do you wanna watch?” I asked her.

“I don’t know. Choose one.”

After I bought our tickets, we went inside and searched for our seats.

“Here, it’s the next one to the right.” I said.

Once we got to the correct theater, we climbed the stairs and took a seat at the very back.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please turn off all electronics at this moment. Thank you and enjoy the movie.” I pulled out my phone and hold down the top button. Dodo giggled and bought her own phone out.

“What?” I asked.

“You’re such a softie.” She smiled at me.

“And why’s that?” I put away my phone and turned towards her, not caring about the advertisements being shown on the screen.

“You actually listened to her! I’ve never seen someone actually taking their phone out and turn it off!”

“Well I’m just a good listener.” I smiled back. She shook her head as the lights dimmed down and the big screen showed the intro to the movie.

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