Dark Imagine - Cody Rhodes

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Imagine ~

"Hey babe.." He kisses your lips lustfully.

"Hey Cody.." You let go blushing.

"Hey.. What's wrong babe?"

"Nothing.." You smiled and continue putting o your make-up.

"We could talk about the other day babe. I didn't sleep with her. I swear."

"Liar.." You mumbled under your breath.

"Babe. Hear me out okay." He pulls you closer.

"What?" You rolled your eyes.

"I don't care if you hate me babe. But i'm all over for you. I love you. And i will never let you go." His eyes sparkle when you look at it.

"Just Promise you wont ever do that again Cody." You started to cry.

"Shhh.." He said letting your head rest on his hard rock chest. "I'm here for you babe. And, you know that don't you.." He carries you bridal style and on to the bed.

You start to get horny. You unzip his pants and pulled down his underwear. And both of you had the time of your life...

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