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Pen Your Pride

NOTE: Pom Gets Wi-Fi is a pc game made by Tumblr user me-patra. This game is about dogs but this fanfiction is using half human half dog hybrids. So, humans with dog ears and tails. Not a full dog. Remember that.


It’s been quite a while. A year maybe since Pom and Shibe died and gone to Dog Heaven. Not to mention that whole first day bullshit with Pom killing Dog and becoming the new Dog. She could have destroyed Dog Heaven just to get the Wi-Fi she craved. But she didn’t.

A year or so after Pom “remade” Dog Heaven to fit her needs, you could say. There’s Wi-Fi and a lot more shit that Shibe thought was never needed. But not a lot of dogs complained about the changes, and most of them are just learning the ways of the Internet. Most of them were more than happy.

Still, Shibe felt a little sad about not being able to be with his owner. He couldn’t stop watching over her as she went to work and the store and every place else. He felt happy to see that she’d moved on but always came back to their resting place to lay flowers or just sit there.

“You’re still here?”

Shibe looked back, a bit startle until he saw it was only Hus. Shibe blushed a little turned away.

“S-so... I like being here...” He mumbled and looked back down at his owner as she slept. A small smile came to Shibe’s face. “It’s quiet and nice... And Pom isn’t here.” Hus laughed as he walked over to sit beside him.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. Just, some times you might feel at peace by just going to the park or whatever... Maybe even with me, later...”


“Nothing. Just, think about hanging out with friends sometimes.” He smiled. “You’re kind of just hurting yourself by sitting here.” Hus sighed and looked down.

“Hurting myself...?” Shibe huffed, “I don’t know what you’re talking about! I’m perfectly fine... I just like being here.” He put his head back on his knees and watched. Hus stayed with him until he noticed Shibe had fallen asleep. He chuckled and picked him up, and carried him back to the house he shared with Pom.


Shibe blinked slowly, setting up to see that he was in his bed and Hus was asleep on the floor. He giggled and got up to walk downstairs when he could faint laughing.

“P-Pom...?” He asked, a little scared. Though, he knew no one could have broke inside but the sounds still frighten him. “Pom?” Shibe said again as he could see her at the computer, drawing and giggling. He moved closer to see what she was doing when he could have his face turning red.

“W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Shibe shouted, making Pom jump and turn to him.


“Don’t play stupid, I saw what you were drawing. It’s not cool and it’s getting annoying...” He sighed, and sat on the sofa beside the computer.

“Whatev. It’s cute and adorable.” Pom giggled as she kept drawing. “Besides, it’s not like I’m showing them to anyone...”

“Yes you are! It’s all over your blog!”

“... Okay... Maybe I did. Still, it’s perf.” She grind and giggle, still finishing up the drawing. Shibe shook his head and left into the kitchen. “By the way, Shibe... What is up with you and Hus lately?” Pom asked, making Shibe blush.

“What do you mean? We’re friends and you know that. What’s with the weird question?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because you and Hus has gotten a little bit close.” She smiled. “Really close."

“A friend. He’s just my friend. I know how you think and this is a bit much, even for you.” Shibe said as he came back with his drink. “Why does it matter how close of a friendship we have?”

“You’re... You’re not friend-zoning him, are you?”


“Alright, alright.” She smiled. “Tell you what; I’ll lay off the drawing for a while if you tell me what you really think of Hus.” Pom gave him a polite smile but it didn’t seem to work. He got up and went back upstairs.

“You’re such an idiot...” Shibe mumbled and walked to his room. He tried to shake away the drawing he saw but it was hard when he could hear Pom snickering and talking to her self. This made the young Shiba Inu blush, quickly walking to his room. He closed it softly and locked it. With his back against the door, Shibe sat down, sighing.

Shibe soon opened his eyes to see a curious Hus just inches away from his face. He glew a bright red and moves slightly. “W-what are you doing?!” Shibe flinched, eyes wide open.

“You lift,” Hus replied with a slight smile, “I was alone up here in the dark. It was scary.” Shibe rolled his eyes, turning his head away from him. Hus blinked and his smile went away. “What’s wrong? Did something happen? Was it Pom again?”

“No...!” Shibe managed speak out, “It’s nothing, really... You just scared me a little. I didn’t know you were going to wake up while I was gone.” He said in a soft voice, still blushing slightly with a smile on his face. Hus’s smile slowly came back as well, he stood and held out his hand to Shibe who looked up at him and took his hand.

“It’s still pretty late. We should go back to bed.” Hus said, slowly pulling Shibe closer to him. Shibe blushed and kept his head down.

“Y-yeah... Okay...” He mumbled, following the other to Shibe’s bed. Shibe sat down first but still kept his head down. This made Hus a little frustrated but he also thought it was kind of cute. He got down on one knee and cupped the other’s face in his hands, making Shibe look at him. The blush grew a darker red, Hus couldn’t help but chuckle.

“You look so cute when you blush, Shibe.” He smiled, sliding his thumb along the other’s cheek. Shibe felt frozen, wanting to move away but somehow can’t. Hus leaned in, kissing Shibe’s cheek before smiling. “Almost... Too cute.” He whispered in his ear then kissed him.

Shibe’s eyes were wide open as he watched, unable to move or do anything. He could only sit there, staring at Hus. The other leaned his head back, ending the kiss with a puzzled face. “Are you really this shocked? That look on you is cute but it would make my day if you kissed me back.” He smiled. Shibe blinked once then looked down.

“... K-kiss... You back...?” Shibe mumbled, still feeling lifeless. “B-but...”

“But what? Pom’s downstairs, it isn’t like she could bust in on us.”

“It’s not that..”

“Then what?” Hus asked in a strong tone, making Shibe flinch. He blinked then sighed, moving to sit beside him and moved Shibe’s head to look at him. “I’m sorry... But we could only try this once. After tonight you should be able to want to kiss me back.” Hus smirked, leaning in to steal another kiss. He moved closer, making the other lay on his back and himself on top.

Hus deepen the kiss and moved his hand up under Shibe’s shirt, making the other moan witch got a look from Hus. Ending the kiss again, Hus grinned as he looked down at Shibe. “That was too cute, Shibe. I wonder if you can make that noise again.”

Shibe blushed, giving a stern look to Hus. “I didn’t even agree to this...” He hissed, looking to the side. “You just kissed me... A-and then this. You didn’t even ask...” Shibe sat up, Hus put his arms around him and whispered in his ear.

“Do you want to do it? I can be as gentle as you want. I can be your manservant.” Hus grinned. Shibe couldn’t stop blushing. Such a question, such words, and he said them so easily. The smaller male sat there but soon shook his head, pushing Hus off of him. He stormed off, leaving the room.

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