NOTE: Pom Gets Wi-Fi is a pc game made by Tumblr user me-patra. This game is about dogs but this fanfiction is using half human half dog hybrids. So, humans with dog ears and tails. Not a full dog. Remember that.


It’s been quite a while. A year maybe since Pom and Shibe died and gone to Dog Heaven. Not to mention that whole first day bullshit with Pom killing Dog and becoming the new Dog. She could have destroyed Dog Heaven just to get the Wi-Fi she craved. But she didn’t.

A year or so after Pom “remade” Dog Heaven to fit her needs, you could say. There’s Wi-Fi and a lot more shit that Shibe thought was never needed. But not a lot of dogs complained about the changes, and most of them are just learning the ways of the Internet. Most of them were more than happy.

Still, Shibe felt a little sad about not being able to be with his owner. He couldn’t stop watching over her as she went to work and the store and every place else. He felt happy to see that she’d moved on but always came back to their resting place to lay flowers or just sit there.

“You’re still here?”

Shibe looked back, a bit startle until he saw it was only Hus. Shibe blushed a little turned away.

“S-so... I like being here...” He mumbled and looked back down at his owner as she slept. A small smile came to Shibe’s face. “It’s quiet and nice... And Pom isn’t here.” Hus laughed as he walked over to sit beside him.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. Just, some times you might feel at peace by just going to the park or whatever... Maybe even with me, later...”


“Nothing. Just, think about hanging out with friends sometimes.” He smiled. “You’re kind of just hurting yourself by sitting here.” Hus sighed and looked down.

“Hurting myself...?” Shibe huffed, “I don’t know what you’re talking about! I’m perfectly fine... I just like being here.” He put his head back on his knees and watched. Hus stayed with him until he noticed Shibe had fallen asleep. He chuckled and picked him up, and carried him back to the house he shared with Pom.


Shibe blinked slowly, setting up to see that he was in his bed and Hus was asleep on the floor. He giggled and got up to walk downstairs when he could faint laughing.

“P-Pom...?” He asked, a little scared. Though, he knew no one could have broke inside but the sounds still frighten him. “Pom?” Shibe said again as he could see her at the computer, drawing and giggling. He moved closer to see what she was doing when he could have his face turning red.

“W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Shibe shouted, making Pom jump and turn to him.


“Don’t play stupid, I saw what you were drawing. It’s not cool and it’s getting annoying...” He sighed, and sat on the sofa beside the computer.

“Whatev. It’s cute and adorable.” Pom giggled as she kept drawing. “Besides, it’s not like I’m showing them to anyone...”

“Yes you are! It’s all over your blog!”

“... Okay... Maybe I did. Still, it’s perf.” She grind and giggle, still finishing up the drawing. Shibe shook his head and left into the kitchen. “By the way, Shibe... What is up with you and Hus lately?” Pom asked, making Shibe blush.

“What do you mean? We’re friends and you know that. What’s with the weird question?”