Chapter 1.

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Shahyan's POV.
"Shahyan where are you? We all are waiting for you." My best friend zayan says as I received my call.

"Coming yar I'm driving now. " I said taking a turn to right.

I check time and it was 7 of evening. I cut the call and put the mobile aside and concentrate on the driving.

I was going on my best friend's engagement. My all family was there and my friend was waiting for me. I was stuck in my important meeting. As my meeting over I rushed to the city. My meeting was with a finance company which was out of town. As I freed from my meeting,I start moving back. Now I was driving to reach the spot where the engagement function was held.

Again my mobile start ringing. I check the caller Id and it was of course my best zayan. I received call.

"Yes Zayan." I said as I received his call.

"Where the hell are you man?" He yelled from the other side.

I pulled my mobile aside to save my ear from his yelling voice.

"Calm down. You know ne I was out of town. I'm on my way. Just be there soon." I said slowly

"Be here in ten minutes or else.!" He said with a warning tone.

"Year I'm trying. I'm still at distance." I said looking at the time. It was 7:30.

"Shahyan you better be here in next 15 minutes or else I will not do my engagement." He said and that was really a heart attack for me.

My best friend will cancel his engagement. No that was impossible.

"Huh hold on what the hell are you saying? After all the effort your parents agreed on this marriage and now you are talking rubbish to cancel it. Don't you dare." I said and turn my car left.

"Shahyan but.." He tried to say but I interrupted him.

"Zayan you just do the ceremony. I join you as soon as I can." I said but he didn't say anything.

"I'll wait for another half an hour for you." He said and cut the call.

I smiled thinking about my stupid but sweet friend. I start driving fast because I wanted to reach on engagement function as soon as I can. After 15 minutes my mobile again start ringing. I smiled knowing who must be calling.I received the call with out checking I'd.

"Yes Zayan." I said as I answer the call.

"Where are you?" He asked impatiently.

"Coming Zayan on my way. Have patience." I said

"Yeah patience.. Come soon. We all are waiting." He said and I sigh.

"Yes Zayan...oh shit." I was talking when someone came in front of my car.

"What happened?" Zayan asked but I kept my mobile aside and push the break to stop the car but it was too late. Because someone was hit by my car.

"Oh Allah.." I whispered and went out of my car.

"Are you okay?" I said as I came closer to the person who was laying on road in front of me.

It was all dark around. I couldn't see anything. I turned on the lights of car and went to see the person. I shake his shoulder when he got up immediately and covered himself with a black shawl. I looked at him and find his long hair and his fragile body.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

But he didn't answer.I didn't get what was his problem. I was trying to help him but he was trying to escape from there. I came forward to hold him.

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