Swimming - Dirty Imagine With Luke Brooks

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"Babe are you ready?" you hear Luke shouting at you from down the stairs."Yes, I'm coming!" you reply and quickly put a towel in your bag, zipping it up and running downstairs.You, Luke and the rest of the Brooks family have planned to go swimming today in the near swimming centre. It was too cold to go to the beach, but it was definitely too hot not to go swimming.As you make your way downstairs, Jai, Beau and Gina are already in the car."Finally," Luke says to you with a smile plastered across his face. It's clear that he's exited to leave. He snakes an arm around your waist and you roll your eyes as you both walk out of the house and Luke shuts the door. You're not really in the mood now to act all happy and joyful. You made some plans with you friends to go shopping today but Luke insisted on going swimming. You "wouldn't regret it" he said. Pff, as if it was going to be that much fun...Two girls, probably fans, are stood by the car, talking to Jai and Beau through the rolled-down windows. Beau is sat in the driver's seat, Gina next to him and Jai is in the back. Ofcourse, Beau is absolutely loving the attention. He sees you, winks and then presents his famous smirk to the girls. They practically melt in front him. He really is a womanizer, isn't he?You've reached the car door by now and feel Luke giving you a soft peck on the cheek before opening the door."Thanks but I can handle it myself." You say grumpy and sit in the middle of the car, next to Jai who is probably texting Ariana again. Luke closes the door and apparantly Beau invited the two girls to join us because they basically sprint to their barbie pink Ford car.

Arriving at the swimming centre, you and the rest walk to the cashier. Luke pays for you and the rest pays for themselves.You were just about to go into a cubicle and stand in the doorway when Luke snakes an arm around you waist, pulling your back into his chest and whispers in you ear "I thought maybe you and me could go into a cubicle together? Have a little fun..." He kisses you softly in the neck on your soft spot, a feeling of pleasure going through your body and a small moan escapes your mouth, much to your annoyance.Irritation hits you again and you loosen from his grip, turn around and close the door in his face. "Sorry babe, not in the mood," is all you can say.You quickly change into your white bikini with fringes on the top. You're not really planning on swimming though. There's probably a sauna somewhere...Grabbing your bag and clothes, you pick a locker and put your stuff in it, taking your mobile phone, towel and the key with you. Luke walks over to you."The rest is already inside. Wanna go?"You're not really listening, your eyes seem to scroll down his body to his chest and abs. Damn, those tattoos! You want to trace them, lick his abs, cover them in chocolate and licking it all off, mmm Luke..."Like the view?" his voice snaps you out of your thoughts."Yeah, a real turn on," you smile and your voice is dripping with sarcasm. God, why so grumpy? It's not a lie though, all you can think about now is how his abs will feel when they're grinding against your back...Walking inside, you spot Gina and the two fans sitting on some chairs. Beau and Jai must already be in the water. You drop your stuff and look around for a sauna."Are you okay?" you hear Gina asking you, her voice sounding genuinely concered. You sigh and sit next to her."I don't know what's wrong but I'm so grumpy today, Gina. It's not fair towards Luke because he's really trying to make me feel better..." you reply to her.Gina is like your second mom. She's the sweetest person ever and you've always felt like you can share anything with her."It's fine darling. You're just grumpy because you can't hang out with your other friends. I mean, you haven't spent much time with them lately." She tells you while she lays a hand on your knee."Thanks, Gina. I will just ask them to go shopping with me tomorrow, I bet they haven't made any plans yet," you tell her. "Hey, I'm going to the sauna. Care to join?""Nah, I'll be fine." She leans in. "By the way, I have to make sure Beau doesn't hump any of those girls in the pool."You both laugh and then you walk off, taking you towel with you.

After a couple of minutes, you've managed to find a sauna. It's empty, but considering it's a monday, the whole swimming centre isn't that busy. It's an averge sized sauna, about 2x3 meters with 2 levels to sit on.You lay down on the top level, it's really hot and you already begin to sweat. Laying comfortable on your towel, you begin to drift off."Mmm..""Stop it..""Hmmm Luke stop.."You slowly wake up with Luke kissing you in the neck. He managed to straddle you, his arms next to your head to keep his weight off you. "Sorry babe, but you in a white bikini with that awesome ass of yours, I can't keep my hands off you." He lightly bites on you soft spot, causing you to moan."And you being all this sweaty doesn't help either."You softly grab hold of his hair with your right hand, entirely losing it when he harshly sucks your neck. You fist his hair and place your left hand on his chest. Completely turned on, you kiss him on the lips, hard. His right hand travels down your body, stopping at your hips and making small circles on your skin with his thumb."Please don't stop," you breathe out. His lips trace down your neck again, kissing your collar bone. Licking all the way up to your ear, blowing the wet trail he left. Shivers go through your whole spine."Want me to make love or fuck you hard?" his voice mufdled by your neck.You groan and force your lips on his, tongues are twisted and twirled and it feels amazing. You massage his tongue with yours, earning a groan from the back of his throat."I take that as a fuck." he moans out. His hands trace down your body, pulling off your white bikini bottom and tossing it somewhere on the floor. His head moves with his hands, his eyes taking in your wet pussy. Spreading you flaps with his fingers, he flicks his tongue over your clit."Luke, don't tease. I want you. Now." You moan loudly.

Suddenly, with a huge amount of energy, he begins to suck on your clit. He massages you inner thigh with his left hand and you gasp from the sudden amount of pleasure, his sweet brown curls tickling your thighs.Loud moans escape from your mouth as he puts two fingers into you, but as soon as the pleasure came, it stopped.You didn't realize you shut your eyes when you open them, only to see Luke taking off his swim shorts. Holy shit, he's huge! Even though his dick went inside of you a couple of times now, you never seem to get used to his size.Bending down again, he places his dick in front of your entrance."Fuck hard it was, aye?" He smirks and then slams into you with ease."Ohh fuck Luke!" You scream out, a mixture pain and pleasure entering your body.Giving you no time to adjust, he begins thursting hard and fast, each thrust taking you to places you've never been before.You wrap your legs around his waist, only to give him more access. Holding onto your shoulders for support, thrusting in and out of you, moans and loud grunts escape his mouth. His left hand leaves your shoulder and he begins to rub your clit, fast and hard."LUKE," you moan."Beg me," he groans into your ear. "Luke please, OH GOD I want you to go fASTER!"His pace quickens and the amount of pleasure is almost too much for you. Rubbing your clit fast and thrusting into you with such enormous force is amazing and so pleasurable.Moving your hips in rythm with his, the sound of skin connecting echoes around the sauna. His dick fills you each time and you feel like you're about to cum."Oh shit, you're so thight," Luke groans.His thrusting is getting sloppy and your moaning fills the room. With one thrust, you can't hold it anymore and so does Luke. You feel his fluids filling you up and you cum all over his dick. With Luke thrusting into you a couple of times more, you both ride out your orgasms.You both get up from your positions. You kissed and touched eachother for a while after, but thought it would be a smart idea to get back to Gina and the boys (and girls). Standing up, you search for your bikini bottoms. When you found them, you bend over to grab them but it is then you feel a wet trail down my leg.Apparently Luke saw this."Oh shit that's hot," he says. "Sorry babe, but you have to wait for round two at home," you chuckle and give him a kiss on the nose.

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