Damage Control - 4 | ii

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Location: Penthart Supermax - Inside Cellblocks A and B

Alpha Team

The prison transport truck pulled up at the gate. After checking the exterior of the vehicle along with the badges of the guards who came in the truck, the correctional officers at the outside gate radioed for the first gate to open. The transport went through, and the gate started closing behind them. The second gate did not open up until the locks for the first clicked in place. The same process repeated when they came to stop at the main entrance. Bryan drove the van, with Yuri in the passenger seat, onto the compound. They remained there as the correctional officers came to escort the prisoners out. All of them were either vampires or werewolves.

Both groups had their scents masked with wolfsbane. As they moved through processing, the vampires pointed out who among the guards were werewolves. The wolfsbane affected scents both ways. Sven's men would not be able to identify the werewolves infiltrating the facility, and the intruders had a hard time distinguishing the human guards from Sven's men. Those carried off by humans could compel their guards to place them where they wanted to go while those with werewolf guards went where taken.


Location: Penthart Supermax - Inside Cellblocks A

Alpha Team

Marx, who was one of the prisoners, waited until he was alone in his cell to open the skin at his forearm. Inside was a tiny pouch with an earbud. He put it in his ear walking to the furthest corner of his small cell.

"They're sorting us like goods," he whispered.

"I noticed," Daniel said over the intercom.

All the men brought in through the transport checked in. Alpha team was in position.


Location: Penthart Supermax – Prison Control Room

Bravo Team

"Team two, update," Shea heard Anabella say through her earpiece.

Walking some ways down the corridor behind a false panel, she responded, "There are two werewolves inside the room, three human guards."

"Hana, do your thing. Both of you kill your comms and Shea, earplugs."

"Roger that," Shea said, removing her earpiece to put in the earplugs. She gave Hana—a vampire she got for a partner—the thumbs up when she was ready. A first-hand demonstration was given hours before on how powerful Hana's compulsions were. She was born deaf, and after Anabella had changed her, she developed a voice, but not the kind that brokered regular conversations.

Hana signaled the all clear and Shea switched the earplugs for her com. They removed the panel as Philippe instructed and stepped into the room. Everyone was out cold.

"Bravo team in place," Shea said.


Location: Anax Corp - Mission Control

Anabella was at her facility as over watch. On a giant screen, she had the schematics of Penthart. Highlighted on it were coloured dots, each representative of a team.

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