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Okay, so we're all here for covers, right? Everybody loves covers, and you're here to get one. The only thing that stands in your way is the form. 

If you lovelies would please answer the following questions if you're requesting a cover. Be sure to PM me it when you finish and I'll get onto the job ASAP! 



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> title

> subtitle (if you want it. For example, if you book was 'Another Cliche Werewolf Book' the subtitle would be 'She never saw him coming' or something like that. You're smarter than me, and I'm sure you'll have a better subtitle)

> author name/ pen name. no "rebeccaroxxxx__2007<3". If you really want your username please tell me, but otherwise a pen name or nickname is preferred.

> genre (THIS IS IMPORTANT!) i.e. werewolf, teen fiction, fantasy. etc.

> another thing that's required is this password: tell me your favorite song in the form :)

> summary of story, if you want to. It helps me get an idea of what you want on your cover.

> ideas for cover - be crazy specific! Certain models, stocks, textures, images, etc. Feel free to add in links to certain images if there's one you have in mind - links are always appreciated. Believe me when I say go crazy!

> LINKS - if you want your cover faster, better, and the most similar to the idea you have in your head, send links to certain images, backgrounds, etc. that you want. links are amazing and they make my job a million times easier. these are required unless you can't find any.

> quote (optional. Kinda fits in with the subtitle thing)


You might notice a few letters or phrases after "cover studio" on this book, and there seems to be some confusion about them. To clarify:

> open - pretty simple. I'll accept custom and premade cover requests.

> premades available - except for very special circumstances, I will not be accepting custom cover requests. however, a large amount of the covers in this book are available, so scroll through until you find something you like!

> cfcu - closed for catch up, or just closed altogether. please do not send me any cover requests during this time.


Oh, the bane of cover-makers' existence. My payment is simple - just follow me and credit the cover in your book's summary. You don't have to read my books or vote or anything, although nothing's holding you back! And let's be mature about this - don't unfollow immediately afterward. I will know... *dun dun dunnn*

Also, please use the cover for more than a week. I work hard to make these, so I'd like a little respect, yeah? You're the best.

Payment will have to be fulfilled before I process your request!

Well, that seemed harsh. The worst has passed, though. Ready to find the cover of your dreams?


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