"I won't hesitate to punch you in the balls again," I threaten as we run laps. Since we are both on the school track team, we were at school, an hour earlier than the rest of the school, training. "FUCK!" I scream as I fall to the ground. I look up at a laughing Luke as he holds his hand out to help me up. "I told you to stop tripping me," I groan as I take his hand, once I am halfway up, he lets go, causing me to fall again.

"Where's a camera when you need one?!" Luke guffaws, going red in the face. I glare at him as I get up and punch him on the arm. "Ooh fuck Libs, that hurt," he says sarcastically as we carry on running. "SHIT!" Luke shouts as he falls over, causing me to double over.

"ARGH!" I scream as I fall also, looking up at two figures running away. It was Sasha and Justin, who were currently sticking their tongues out as us. They were the epitome of maturity. Luke helps me up as I attempt to help him up. Attempt.

"Put your back into it," Luke frowns as I struggle to get him.

"Shut up fatass," I spit as I give up and he gets up by himself. We look in the Justin and Sasha's direction as they carrying on running, hand in hand. We look at each other before looking at the sack of soccer balls, then look at each other again. He raises an eyebrow as I nod. We run over to the sack of balls and grab two each.

"They should be coming back around soon," Luke smirks as we hide the balls behind our back. As soon as they reach us, we lunge the balls at them, laughing as it bounces off their heads. We turn around and lift out shirts, wiggling our butts.

We are the epitome of maturity.

"Fuck you," Justin spits before running off again as we high five each other and then smack each other's butts.

What? That's our handshake.

"It's been ages since we've had an assembly," I whisper as me and Luke take our seats.

"I know. It must be urgent," he whispers back as Principal Rosen walks onto the stage.

"As you guys already know, every year for Halloween the Juniors put on a play. Obviously this will be occurring this year, but with a twist. It will be a musical," Rosen announces, ignoring the groans that filled the air.

"Lame," me and Luke say at the same time, fist bumping each other as we realise we said that at the same time.

"Since the two lead roles will be played by a couple, we recommend all couples to audition. We've already had one couple come to us who have done an outstanding job. Sasha and Kyle," she smiles. Sasha and Kyle?

I shake my head and laugh.

Justin can't sing to save his life. She ditched Justin for Kyle.

"Bro we have to do this," I exclaim as we walk out of the auditorium. Luke gives me a puzzled look and stops walking.

"Alright where's Libby? A second ago Libby just called this whole concept lame. Now she wants to participate? This doesn't add up, where is she?" Luke says as he grabs my shoulders and stares at me.

"I'm serious. Sasha ditched Justin for Kyle. So that means they're in serious beef," I smile, bouncing up and down in anticipation.


"If we swoop in and take this opportunity from her, she'll have to go and get Justin's forgiveness. And I may or may not have a plan for that part," I beam, "Oh come on Luke. For me?" I pout.

"But I can't sing," he sighs, letting go of my shoulders.

Did he just?

No. He didn't.

He can't have.

Luke Hunt has the voice of a fucking angel. He is envied by many because of his talent. And he stands right before me and says that he can't sing? I swear his ego is so big when it comes to everything else but when I need his egotistical self to boast about how much he can sing and show me he decides not to.

"Luke you know damn well you can sing. And if you don't show up at the auditorium at lunch today, I will murder you," I threaten, an eyebrow raised. He surrenders and kisses me on the cheek before walking off to class.

That boy... He frustrates me.

"What is he doing here?" I spit as I slam the front door behind me.

"He was just leaving," my mom says as she gestures for him and his new woman, I presume, to leave. He raises an eyebrow and looks at me.

"You've grown up so much darling," he smiled as he walks over to me.

"Get away from me you asswipe I don't want anything to do with you,"I frown as I fold my arms over my chest. I normally wouldn't ever dream of disrespecting someone older than me like this but it seems that angry Libby doesn't give a shit.

"Don't you think it's rude to speak to adults like that?" the woman beside him says.

"Don't you think it's a little rude to steal a married man away from his wife and child?" I question, leaving her speechless, "now if you excuse me I have homework to do," I spit before running up the stairs. It's been years. Years. He left us when I was 10 years old and now 6 years later he thinks he can just waltz back into our lives? Hell nah.

I open my bedroom window and begin pelting rocks at Luke's window. "Hey stop tha-" he starts before I throw a small rock at his face. He notices my expression and sighs. "Bro problem?" he asks.

"Bro problem,"

"Meet me in your drive way in 5," he says before shutting his window. I slip into a plain black crop top and black Adidas leggings before slipping into my trainers.

"And now I feel like mom's going to soften up and force me to try and get along with him," I say as I rest my head on Luke's shoulder. We're currently sat in this huge old warehouse on the top of a random cliff. Since the warehouse used to store things like plates and stuff, I break them and scream and shout to release all the anger I've been holding in. And a big bonus is that if you sit on the roof of it, it has the most amazing view of Preston. (Preston is the town they live in by the way if you wasn't aware of that. Preston is a fake location I made up that is in Los Angeles).

"Knowing your mom, that's probably what will happen. But you've got to just roll with it. Get used to it. Because you having tantrums isn't going to make him go away," Luke sighs as he strokes my hair.

"Damn it, I hate it when you're all wise and shit. Where's the Luke that always farts on me?" I laugh as he hits me playfully.

We spend the rest of the evening just staring at the view. It's the best night I've ever had since I get to spend it with him. With Luke. Nothing gets better than this.

Nothing. At. All.

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