Baby girls Birthday

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I'm looking around the room for Daddy the ball just dropped and I can't seem to find him. I walk in to the back room surprised to find Daddy laid out in our second bedroom with Carmel, fudge sauce, ice cream, and sprinkles covering his V line and he has tied himself to the bed. "Happy Birthday Baby girl!" He says with a small grin. I smile as I run over to him and start cleaning him off with my tongue following the paths of melted ice cream over his hips and between his legs. Daddy's groaning makes me happy and soon he is completely clean. I look over to the side and un-cuff his hands he takes his right leg as I take the left. Daddy's soon free and judging by the look in his eye he likes me eating sundaes off him. Daddy is quick to cuff me to the bed and tying my legs to the end of it. Daddy then moves so my head is at his lower reign. If Daddy does what I think he will Im going to be thrilled. "Now Baby girl you are going to open your mouth and not bite me. Got it?" He commands as he pushes his Daddy part in my waiting mouth. Thrusting in and out and letting his balls smack my chin as I lick and suckle Daddy in this position. Daddy seems to be getting closer and pulls out just before he comes. Seeing my pout Daddy laughs " Today is not about me sweet heart but I'm glad you enjoy pleasuring me." He says as he lines him self up with my kitty. I know I'm dripping wet and won't last long when he starts his fast and frantic thrusting. I cum quickly pulling Daddy to cum in hard deep sports inside of me. Daddy unties me then carries us to our normal bedroom and cuddles into my back side. The clock reads 1:00 Am and I know Daddy's just getting started for today.

9:30 Am I awake to find Daddy still asleep and I want what Daddy didn't let me have last night as I crawl under the covers and start sucking on his morning wood. "Mmmmhmm Angel" he says. I quickly look up through my lashes to see if Daddy's awake. Nope still sleeping as I continue to work on Daddy. Daddy lets out a mangled groan followed by a gasp. Net thing I know Daddy's got his hands in my hair and pushing himself farther in my mouth as he cums hard. Swallowing as much as I can. Looking up at Daddy I see a twinkle in his eye as all he says "now that's a way to wake up Baby girl." We both climb out of bed and head to the kitchen. Seeing as I'm not a morning person Daddy holds me as we eat and watch the news. When we are done I start trying to distract Daddy. Snuggling down on his bare lap, burring my head on his heart and licking his sided. When Daddy lets out a moan an I know I have his full attention I stand up "Well Im going to take a shower." I say gently as I shake my hips walking away. I'm just getting in when Daddy comes in looking at me like I am the devil " You did that on purpose" he claims. My answer ring smile is all he need to see to follow me in the shower. Pinning me to the wall he pulls my legs up over his hips and starts pounding me into the shower wall all the while telling me how I was a bad Baby girl and was lucky today was my birthday. Daddy and I quickly Cum and lay in the warm shower washing each other. Daddy wraps me up in fluffy towel carting me off to our room for some sleep while he works on something I guess.

I wake up around noon and head off to find Daddy for some alone time but his office door is closed so I guess I should start working on figuring out what to make for dinner. Today's been the best Birthday ever!