Chapter Seven: My Sister's Keeper

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"Isis! Get your ass down here!" Leia shouted from the end of the stairs.

I rolled my eyes knowing that my sister was probably up to something crazy, as usual. She probably wanted me to cover for her while she had company. Again. I frowned at that. Leia got more action, then any guy or girl that I knew. Leia didn't care about being compared to whores, sluts, or any other downgrading names. She believed in living to the fullest, even if it meant that she was labeled. If she saw a man and she wanted him, she went after him. I'd never have the balls to do something so bold.

Tease and flirt with someone like Lexis, who I knew would react?


But an unknown hot guy?


I'd be a blushing mess. Wait...that wasn't true, either. I'd run away. I'd done it before. Looked a sexy guy in the eyes and then turned and headed in the opposite direction in less than five seconds. It'd been like a super smart deer caught in someone's headlights and narrowly avoiding the crash.

With thoughts of harboring someone new for my sister, I slid from the cocoon of my bed and onto the plush carpet of my bedroom. Brushing my long hair back over my shoulders, I briefly shook my head. I admitted to loving the feel of my silken tresses going down my back. Yep, I was one of those girls. Pressing play on the iPod sitting on the dock, I waited for the perfect song and hit play.

"Am I Wrong?" by Nico & Vinz.

Shoulders moving from side to side, eyes slightly lowered and snapping fingers—that was how I greeted Leia—moving down the stairs at a snail's pace. She looked at me like I was halfway off my rocket or something. I merely grinned and stuck out my tongue, continuing the silly dance. The music echoed down the stairs as it changed to a song that I only recently heard and fell in love with.

"Get high baby roll one, cloud nine, 'bout to go up

Lovin' the feel of the turbulence, girl, when we turn up

When we land we can roll out

Show you somethin' you ain't know about

Tonight we be takin' off flight with a camera to show out..."

Leia arched an eyebrow watching me closely. "Are you high, bitch?" she asked, folding her arms across her chest.

I grinned and shook my head. "No, overly hyper, bitchhh," I retorted.

She laughed before punching my shoulder. "Overly hyper, my ass," she scoffed. "What are you kids taking these days? Velum? Ecstasy?"

I shook my head, before sending a quick punch to her shoulder. "I'm not high on anything. Just hyper. You sure you're ok?" I questioned. "You been getting the goodies enough lately? Or are you deprived of the 'd'?"

She leaned back and her face scrunched up. "Are you trying to play me, Isis?" she asked. "'Cause you don't want me to get started on your sex deprived ass...I will. Rapunzel energized on make-up looking ass. I'm a fucking Disney princess without the contract looking ass..."

For a moment, I just stood there. My breath was caught in my lungs, stuck somewhere between laughing in her damn face and hyperventilating at the fact that she'd compared me to Disney princesses. I was too damn sexily dressed to ever be a Disney princess. If anyone looked like they came the pages of a fairy tale, it was her. Leia had our trademark white blonde hair, huge blue eyes and full pouty lips. She looked like fucking Elsa from Frozen. She was talking like I hadn't heard her ass singing "Let It Go".

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