The Last Sagen's Revenge

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"Stay silent, Destiny," my mother whispered as she shoved my small body into the tiny space resting between the back of the couch and the wall.

"Bu--" I attempted to protest, however she cut me off instantly.

"Dest, stay silent and remain here. Do not come out until I tell you to or there is absolutely no one else here, understood?"

My mother never seemed this worried about anything, so even being at age six I knew something was wrong. My head nodded mechanically in agreement.

"I love you my little Destiny," she said in hushed tones with a small smile forcing it's way onto her lips.

Her dark green eyes showed what she had attempted to hide from me, fear. She arose from her crouched position and made her way to the center of the room. Small noises could be heard outside and not a moment later the door to our small house was blown from it's hinges with one swift motion of a man's foot. Shards of shattered wood flickered across the floor and a gust of chilled night air forced its way into the room.

In stepped four guys. I did not know any of them, but I could feel the power that illuminated from each.

The man to enter last had a particularly powerful aura radiating from him. His dark black hair was littered with specks of dirt and a dried red substance, just as each of the others' head and bodies for that matter.

Their chests were bare, letting the dim light from the ceiling shine down on their tanned muscular upper bodies. A few bloody gashes rested on some of the men's skin, but it didn't even seem to faze them at all. Where they the ones that mom feared and told me to hide from?

They all reminded me of the same over all build of every one of the men I grew up around. Muscular, tan, handsome, and powerful. But these men, they were nothing like those I knew. There was an obvious difference, mainly being the aura they gave off. It was bitter and cruel. My skin wanted to crawl just being in the same place as them.

"Miss Lee," the black headed man spoke.

My mother remained quiet.

The man let an evil grin cross his face. His dark blue eyes were burning with a fire straight from hell as he gazed at my mom.

"I'm afraid you can no longer run. This is the end of the Sagen pack," the man said.

Their bodies moved fast then, my eyes barely able to keep up. And I instantly wished I hadn't followed their motions.

My mom was no fighter, but she tried. Her attempts fell short though, and one of the men threw her into a wall across the room using what looked like zero effort. Blood quickly coated her body as it seeped from a wound on her forehead. She tried to push herself up, but her arms only shook violently under the weight and dropped her back to the ground.

The main man walked over and locked his eyes on her.

"It surprises me Hector had such a weak mate. At least he managed to put up a fight. All you managed to do was run. Run and hide even when you had nothing left. All of your pack is dead, leaving my pack to take over." he shook his head and let out a laugh. "And to think, you trusted us. Anna, you and your husband trusted us and gave us everything we needed to bring your entire pack to it's knees. It is your own fault that today the Sagen pack falls completely."

His foot then smashed down into my mommy's face, crushing every bone in it and gushing blood free.

My emerald eyes took refuge from the scene behind my curly dark brown hair and my hands cupped over my mouth to prevent any sounds from escaping. Just like mommy said, I had to remain silent. I had to escape when they have left. I had to get somewhere safe. I--I didn't have anywhere to go though.