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The elevator opened and before Helick, Daniel and Ichiro could step out, Marx and Anabella, who had been waiting for them, stepped in. The door closed again.

"Welcome to Anax Corp. I trust you gentlemen had a good ride here," she said to them.

"I could get used to having a chopper on hand," Helick commented.

She gave him a small smile and a nod before typing in a password with the regular elevator buttons. The elevator started moving. No one spoke on the way down. When the numbers stopped lighting up at 'B' for the basement level but the elevator kept descending, no one asked any questions. The elevator dinged on its stop, the panel behind them opening.

"Gentlemen," Anabella stepped out before them. They walked into the middle of an underground factory. All around them were crates, industrial machines, men moving around busy at work. None of them looked in her direction.

"This is De Rege's smaller R and D facility. We make our own weapons; we make our own tech. Pentorium is quite self-sufficient. We even have greenhouses, but Vescovi did not want us to be completely set aside from our human counterparts. The goal is to integrate after all. Everything you need—weapons, gears, defense—you will get them here. If you do not see something you want, have a word with Philippe. He will either make it or make something better."

Anabella gave them a tour of the facility showing them the weapons they had at their disposal. It was like walking into a candy store for Helick, Daniel, and Ichiro.

"All our weapons are modified for use against werewolves and vampires. Some lethal, some non-lethal."

Like the kids they were they asked permission to play around with their new toys and even pouted when Anabella told them not at that moment.

"A Taser?" Helick asked taking up one of two that was resting on a table. "These things barely pinch."

Anabella took up the second and without warning, she used it on his arm. Helick fell to the ground instantly. "And that was minimum voltage."

She took them back to the elevator. Inputting another code the elevator started to move going right. The elevator stopped, and the door opened again at their backs. They stepped out into a long corridor a red door at the end. She pushed the door open, and they came out into a hum of machines and people. All around the room were monitors and consoles.

"This is our command center. We keep track of everything in Pentorium." A man came over to them, and she took an earpiece from him. She spoke to whoever was on the other side of the earbud before thanking the man and giving it back. She gave pleasant greetings to several of the persons around her.

Through another door, they came into what looked like a boardroom. "Take a seat; De Rege will be with us momentarily."

"Will Vescovi be joining us?" Marx asked.

"Later on," Anabella said, taking her seat at the head of the table. "Salvay has been making trouble for all of us."

"What exactly do you do here?" Ichiro asked as he looked around the room. The walls were bare except for a large painting of a crest at Anabella's back.

"I am in charge of security in Pentorium."

"And for disposal," he added. "Your men made the scene at the portal look as if nothing happened but cave-in caused by excavation work."

"Yes, getting rid of messes is what I do. Like a prison converted to a wolf's den for instance."

"We tried to do a recon of the facility, but that did not give us much more than we already knew," Helick said.

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