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"Ease up on that wine!" I lightheartedly exclaimed to Lois as she filled up my first glass. "I only wanted half a glass here, I have to be in at nine tomorrow!"
"So tell me, how'd it go? Where will you be working? What will you do? I suppose your new boss was impressed right? Did you mention that experiment you've been working on? The one I don't really understand?" She was speaking so quickly I almost missed every other question she asked.

     We took a seat in front of the television. The volume low; it was more like a murmur really. I wasn't sure why, but it was bothering me, like a constant whisper in my ear. I ignored it and positioned myself towards Lois, as if my positioning would affect the decibels rumbling in my ears. Clark wasn't too far away and he was watching it intently. My eyes wondered to him. It seemed as if he were studying, his glasses just resting on the tip of the bridge of his nose. I huffed a tad before beginning my run down to Lois, causing her to grin.

"He hasn't told me what exactly I'll be doing yet, or helping with. But, he seemed pretty enthusiastic about me starting."
"Who? Mr. Boss?" She smirked.
"His name is Mr. Luthor...well, Lex. I was told to call him Lex. I don't know, seemed informal to me, but I went with it."

     Lois stared at me; she seemed to be a tad pale as she began to bite on her lip. I could feel a gaze on me, a very stern one, but it wasn't hers. I turned slowly to Clark. It was his. He pushed his black rimmed glasses on to his face, and turned to me, looking awfully suspicious. Why? I'm not sure; I had nothing to particularly hide. Not that I usually do. 

Our eyes locked.
"You'll be working at LexCorp?" His tone was soft and restrictively gentle. It didn't match his facial expressions at all, and so it wouldn't have taken a genius to know he was suppressing the tonnage those expressions epitomized.
"Yeah...why?" Now I sounded hesitant. I didn't like the discretion between his speech and expression. It was unnatural, and made me feel uncomfortable.
"For what reason would you have to work at LexCorp?"
"What do you mean? It's a job Clark. One in which my resume seemed to say I was suitable for. I didn't think too much of it. It's a huge company and I was qualified! I thought it'd be great."

    I saw him steal a glance at Lois, who was still biting on her lip. I thought maybe probing her into the conversation would make it less uneasy, but I wasn't sure how to do that without saying something ridiculous like 'please get your boyfriend off of my back.' I couldn't say something like that out loud. I can think it, hope she will, but I wouldn't say it. They're the closest people I have in this town to family. They're probably looking out for me.

"I just...you don't think it's too big of a company? You know, restricting?Overbearing? Sometimes I get the feeling LexCorp is monopolizing the industries here in Metropolis." Lois stated, desperately trying to shed some light onClark's questioning. I wasn't looking for explanations, I just wanted it to end.
"I always thought the work done in the Labs, were well, admirable really,coming from my standpoint. Mr. Luthor...erm, Lex...seems very bright."
Clark scoffed "Very bright? More like very arrogant." He mumbled, as if to try and plant a seed of convincing as he stood up, walking out of the apartment.

"He seemed more than friendly to me." I told Lois. She smiled and nodded,sipping on her wine.
"That's good Mira. I'm so glad you're excited to work with him." She sounded proud, actually happy for me. As if the negative vibe upped and left with Clark.
"Me too. It's been a while since I looked forward to going to work." I told her, practically gleaming. It was true, I've always been groggy in the morning waking up to racing thoughts depicting just how awful working with my past co-workers was going to be. The readiness was refreshing.

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