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Chapter One

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 It was four o clock and I had just gotten out of school, after a long day of learning nothing. It's not as if the teacher's weren't very good at doing the jobs, but the fact that it was extremely hard for me to concentrate. Shoving the key into the lock, I entered my home and ran the flight of stairs up to my room before flingng myself on my bed and dropping my knapsack on the floor. Flipping up the screen on my computer, I booted to old peice of machine up and clicked the link to my Naruto Episodes website. Is I lay on my bed, in a trance... Little before I knew it my world around me began to shift and disorient. Suddenly thirsty, I went down to my small kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water, before noticing a stray peice of bamboo on the tile floor. Thinking nothing of it, for the fact that I lived in Otsu, I stolled out the door of my small home, needing some excersise after watching three episodes of Naruto. Blinded by the light, I covered my eyes and saw two human figures in front of my sidewalk, which, strangely, now was covered in leaves. Blinking, I opened my eyes wide and saw that Naruto and Sakura were standing in front of me, their faces contorted in rage. Rubbing my eyes, to make sure what I was seeing was real, I stepped forward and tried to speak, but the words wouldn't escape my lips. The two charactors from my favorite series stood in front of me before Naruto stood infront of me to where our noses almost touched. In a growly voice, he asked,

"Where are you from, Stranger?"

"I-I'm not su-re," I studdered. "Otsu..."

"Where the heck is that?! What kind of Ninja are you, Intruder?"

"I'm not one... I'm Eleven!" 

Naruto took a step back and glared at me, while Sakura asked me what kind of Jitsu I knew.


Naruto growled again and mumbled something along the lines of "Ninja Academy" before Sasuke stepped out of the darkness in his adult form, dressed in a long kimiko before I remembered his adult form was a woman. Naruto stepped forward again and asked my name, I told him it was Travis, and to my delight he sighed,

"Well... I suppose we could teach you Jitsu..."

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