Chapter 3

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As Kakashi rushed the three boys he completely forgot about holding back, their first joined attack proved that they were just below chunnin rank. As Kakashi blindly ran he failed to notice Hoshiko to his left. Hoshiko was in his human form and was rocketing at Kakashi with speeds only jounin and Naruto could go faster than. Kakashi raised his forearms and blocked the punch from Hoshiko, Kakashi slid back on the thick green grass. Neji appeared behind Kakashi and started to stirke using gentle fist. Hoshiko unsealed his clawed gauntlets and began his assault on Kakashi. Naruto and Kiba circled them waiting for the perfect chance to move in and take the bells. After a year of training together Neji and Hoshiko had perfect harmony, the violent Hoshiko coupled with Neji's graceful gentle fist made for a very dangerous situation to be in. As Hoshiko slashed at Kakashi's midsection Neji attacked from behind, one hand going for Kakashi's leg, and the other for his shoulder. Kakashi leaned forward and placed his hands on Hoshiko's back and lifted up his legs and kicked Neji in the chest. Hoshiko's head was sent into the ground and knocked him out as Neji sailed away from the kick. Kiba charged forward to get the bells, Kakashi made a mud wall in between himself and Kiba. Kiba jumped up a bit and started to spin his body clockwise, "GATSUGA" shouted Kiba as he tore through the wall with his claws. Kakashi went through hand signs on the other side of the mud wall. "Fire release: fire ball" thought Kakashi as he shot a ball of red hot flames at Kiba, Kiba went straight through the fire ball. Kiba came out of the fire burned, tired, and on the floor on the verge of unconsciousness. Naruto was behind Kakashi with his blade drawn and about to cut Kakashi in half. 'So fast' was all Kakashi could think before he dodged to the left, Naruto's blade still found his body and Kakashi's right arm was sporting a shallow gash going from his shoulder to his hand. Naruto screeched to a halt as his rubber sandles squeaked on the slightly wet grass. Naruto sheathed his sword and went through hand signs Kakashi had never seen before. "Earth release: duelist hall" shouted Naruto as he punched the ground with his left fist. Kakashi didn't have enough time do get out of the now iron hard dirt walls and celing. Kakashi couldn't see in this new environment so he lifted up his headband and revealed his Sharingan. The eye glowed an erie red in the darkness, but the more unnerving eyes were the two glowing blue eyes at the opposite side of the hall. Naruto had heard about the Sharingan, and he'd only fought with Itachi, but he always held back against Naruto. Naruto unsheathed his sword and ran at Kakashi with speed only a Sharingan could follow "you really are Minato_sensei's son" said Kakashi as he saw how fast Naruto was going. Kunai and Katana clashed in the darkness, unknown to Naruto, his eyes had Mutated into something that has never been seen before. Naruto's vision suddenly became clearer and he could see Kakashi's movements before they happened. Kakashi was about to kick Naruto in the chest from what it looked like. Naruto ducked and grabbed Kakashi's now extended leg by the ankle and pushed up. Kakashi's balance was shifted, he began to follow in the direction of his balance. Kakashi started to do a backwards cartwheel and attempted a kick with the leg Naruto wasn't holding. Naruto pivoted on his left foot clockwise to avoid the kick and raised his right arm to stab Kakashi's leg. Kakashi saw the movement and with speed Naruto couldn't deal with he spun on his hand and instead of facing up he now faced down. Kakashi's free leg was coming down on Naruto's head as the blond jumped away. Kakashi righted himself facing away from Naruto, as he looked up he felt something tap the metal on his headband. Kakashi then saw tens of needle sharp spikes that were growing from the wall he was facing. Kakashi turned around and panted 'why am i so exausted?' Kakashi asked himself as he grabbed the wall for support. Only then did Kakashi notice that his chakra was being taken by the floor and the wall he was leaning on. Kakashi stood on the tips of his toes to make the area in which chakra was being taken become smaller. Naruto noticed Kakashi's behavior and started talking "so you finnaly realize how dangerous the jutsu is." Naruto made a horse sign and imagined dull pillars smashing into Kakashi. The silver haired jounin could barely see the dirt come up at him. He could see it but his body wasn't fast enough to dodge it. Kakashi was hit by the pillars and sent into the celing before the pillars dropped him to the floor again. Naruto slowly walked to Kakashi, his brightly glowing blue eyes radiating a powerful aura as he grinded the tip of his sword against the wall. The terrifying sound of Naruto's blade scraping on the wall quickly motivated Kakashi. Kakashi used what chakra he had left and got up and started going through hand signs. The sound of chirping birds filled the hall, Kakashi pointed his arm to his right and sent an insane amount of force to the dirt wall. The wall blew open and Kakashi rushed out before it closed, Naruto trailing just behind. When Naruto's eyes met sun light they started to throb in great waves of pain. Pain worse than Naruto had ever experienced in his life washed over him in inconsistent waves. Naruto fell to his knees, dropped his sword, and put his hands over his eyes. Naruto's screams could be heard by most of the quiet village, the worst thing was that they recognized the scream. They had heard and caused the scream so many times they knew who it was by the scream, the fact that the villagers had learned of Naruto's heritage made them more guilty then they ever thought they would feel. Kiba, Neji, Masae, Hoshiko, Akamaru, and Kakashi were by his side soon after he exited the now crumbling hall. Those who could see looked to Kakashi for what to do, "Naruto i need you to open your eyes." Kakashi spoke calmly even when he was extremely worried about his screaming student. Naruto couldn't hear Kakashi over his own screams. "Hold him down." Kakashi said to his students. Hoshiko held Naruto's left arm, Kiba held his right, Neji held Naruto's left leg, and Masae his right. Naruto thrashed his libs, attempting to get free and tear at his own eyes. Kakashi moved to Naruto's face and opened his sharingan, Kakashi forced open Naruto's eyelids, Naruto's eyes were glowing an extremely bright blue. Kakashi immediately put Naruto under a peaceful yet powerful genjutsu. The screaming and struggling boy went limp as he closed his eyes once more. The group of students and their teacher fell back in exhaustion away from the blond. "What was that Kakashi-sensei?" Asked Masae as she panted, and tightened her kimono that had come slightly loose when Naruto thrashed around. "From what i saw in Naruto's jutsu, his body has made a new Dojutsu." Everyone who heard Kakashi were tripping over their words but he caught the same word from everyone at some point, the word was "WHAT?" Kakashi raised and lowered his arms in a calming manner, "I dont know for sure either. But for now can we agree to take him to a hospital?" Everyone hesitantly nodded. Kakashi picked up the now whimpering blond and ran as fast as he could in his condition towards the hospital. When they entered the hospital there were medical staff that seemed like they were waiting for them to arrive. The doctors rolled out a gurney and transferred the blond from Kakashi's arms to the fabric on the metal frame of the gurney. "We'll make sure young Namikaze_sama is well tended." Said one of the nurses who proceeded to ask questions about what happened so she could heal him properly. After four hours had passed a doctor emerged from Naruto's room with a truly happy grin on his face. "His mind and body are fine, we've bandaged his eyes. And as you guessed we found that his eyes now house a chakra pattern different from normal eyes, as well as Sharingan, and Byakugan chakra patterns. I'd advise he doesn't take off the bandages from his eyes until three days have passed, just to be sure." Kakashi nodded at what the doctor had said then asked "can we see him?" The doctor nodded and said "Oh, yes of course." Then the doctor left to tend to other patients of his. Kiba ran to Naruto's room and opened the door, Naruto was wearing a white shirt with black shorts. Naruto was sitting with his legs crossed and his left hand laying on top of his right hand with his palms facing up, with his hands laying in between his legs. The sun was shinning through the window and onto Naruto's golden locks of hair which were swaying with the small breeze that was flowing through the open window. The few pure white clouds that blocked the bright blue sky were barely moving. Naruto couldn't see through the bandages but he was still looking where the window was, the bright light of the sun warmed up the room. "You alright little bro?" Asked Kiba as he unfolded a chair that was in the corner and placed it by Naruto's bed side. "Little? I may be shorter but we're about the same age Kiba." Naruto said as he turned his head to the doorway. "I've always wanted a little brother, and you're the closest thing I've got. So get used to it." Kiba said as he sat down and leaned forward and placed his forearms on his knees and looked at Naruto. Everyone else entered the room, Masae changed into her wolf form and jumped onto Naruto's hospital bed. Masae landed with grace as she circled Naruto and then sat down next to him in a protective manner. "So, explain." Neji said as he grabbed chairs for everyone to sit in. "My guess is as good as yours, but Neji can you use your Byakugan to look at my eyes and see what's up." Naruto said as he spun on his butt to face the group of people as he petted what he thought was Masae's neck and back, which was just the bed. Masae moved under Naruto's hand so she could be petted. Neji nodded, "Byakugan!" Neji looked past the bandages and looked at the chakra pattern. "Ok so, Normal eyes have chakra that doesn't move. Sharingan have a clockwise spinning chakra. Byakugan have chakra that is a straight line from the pupil to the back of the eye. And yours. . . Look like they are exploding with chakra then they reform and explode again at different rates, from what i can see it's slowly calming down. Just as the doctor said they should stop in three days." Neji finnished speaking and then deactivated his Byakugan. Naruto sighed, "But at least i have a new Dojutsu." Kakashi nodded in slight understanding of Naruto's situation. "So. What are you going to name it?" Asked Kakashi as he took out his book and began to read, Naruto assumed a thinking pose. "It's gotta be up something cool, but I'll wait to see what it looks like and what it does before I name it. But can someone get me out of here before they find a needle?" Kiba, Hoshiko, Masae and Neji all grimaced at the thought while Akamaru whimpered and crawled farther into kiba's hoody. "Is it really that bad?" Asked Kakashi as he stood up to leave. "Yeah, you don't want to have to deal with Naruto and needles." Kakashi went out the door but stopped before he left their vision. "You guys pass." Then Kakashi left in a cloud of smoke. Naruto raised his arms up in a 'Help me up' sort of manner. Kiba and Neji helped the blond off the bed, Naruto started walking towards the door. "Um, Narut-" Neji couldn't finish his sentence as a thud graced the air. "ow" was all Naruto said before he began to punch and kick the wall he walked into. "Stupid wall." Naruto said as he walked out of the door and bumped into another thing. "You're making this a habit Naruto-kun" said a familiar voice to Naruto. "Not my fault i can't see Sasuko-chan" Only then did Sasuko see the bandages that were wrapped around Naruto's eyes. "What happened?" Asked Sasuko as she gently raised her arms and touched the taller boy's face next to his eyes. "My body decided to make a new Dojutsu." Naruto said as he raised his left hand and grabbed Sasuko's wrist gently and lowered her hand from his face. "What? What does it do?" Sasuko asked frantically. "Imõto, we'll be late for the counc-" Itachi stopped mid sentence as he saw Naruto holding his little sister's wrist, but from the angle he was at it looked like her hand. Itachi marched to Naruto and grabbed him by the collar and stuffed him into a room. "Ok Naruto-kun, some ground rules. Break my little sister's heart and i will destroy you body and soul. And if you force yourself on her i will kill you in the worst way possible, only it will be slower. Got it?" Naruto frantically nodded his head, "Itachi-san, I've no intentions of dating anyone at the moment. She was only touching my face so i lowered her hand." Itachi made an 'Oh' face, "sorry about that Naruto-kun." Naruto nodded in fear. And quickly left the room only to run into a wall which knocked him out. Itachi chuckled then picked up the blond and walked out of the room. "What did you do to him Itachi-nii?" Sasuko asked as she walked over to her brother. "Nothing, he ran into a wall." Sasuko nodded and motioned for Itachi to follow. The two Uchiha and one Namikaze walked through the hospital and into the Hokage tower's council room. Neji and Kiba tried to follow the casual kidnappers but weren't allowed past the Hokage's tower doors. Naruto woke up along the way and changed into his normal kimono when they passed a men's bathroom, when he was done he grabbed Sasuko's arm lightly so she could guide him, all of this happened even after Itachi's 'talk' with Naruto. When they reached the council room Naruto was directed towards the previously shared podium of Minato and Kushina. Naruto felt around and found a box hidden in the podium, "Tsume kaa-san, can you please tell me what this is?" Naruto asked as politely as he could. Kiba's mother hurried over when she saw the state Naruto was in. "What did Kiba do this time?" Asked Tsume as she took the box from Naruto's hands and looked over it. "You'll find out what happened soon enough" Naruto said as he gave the Inuzuka clan head a grin. Tsume smiled at her pseudo son, then looked at the box and gasped lightly. "What?" Asked Naruto as his smile faltered. "This box has a blood seal and says, "property of Naruto Namikaze" Naruto this is a gift coming straight from your father and mother." Naruto opened the top of his Kimono, the inside of his kimono had many seals. Naruto tapped a seal and a kunai apeared in his right hand, he brought the blade to his left index finger and made a deep cut in the tip. Naruto showed his finger to Tsume who grabbed his hand and whiped his hand on the box. As Naruto whiped the blood on the box he was pulled into his mind scape. Waiting there were five things; the first was the Kyuubi who was sleeping steadily, the second was a blond haired man who was hugging a redhead from behind. The third was the redhead who was smiling at the slowly forming Naruto. The forth and fifth thing was Masae and Hoshiko who were asleep at the moment. Naruto apeared with the bandages wrapped around his head glowing a color blue that was brighter than everything else in Naruto's mind. "Hey son" was all that need to be said for Naruto to tear at his bandages and look at his parents with tears filling his glowing eyes. The moment he layed eyes on his parents his eyes stopped glowing, the pupil of Naruto's eyes expanded until the whole of his eyes were black, soon a slit that matches the Kyuubi's own found their way onto Naruto's eye, the color of the slit was his normal blue eye color. Tears streamed down Naruto's now predatory eyes, Naruto ran to his parents with arms wide. Minato and Kushina bent down to the twelve year old's height and accepted the hug with face splitting smiles. "Kaa-san, Tou-san" Naruto cried into their clothes, Minato got a small bit sad and mumbled "How come you said Kaa-san first?" Naruto and Kushina chuckled at the blond's mood swing. Naruto spoke up "Tou-san, Kaa-san. Better?" Minato nodded profusely and hugged his family tighter. The family stayed like that quite a long time until Minato plled back from the embrace, as did Kushina. Minato smiled as he looked at his sons face, but frowned deeply when he saw his son's scar infested body. Kushina also saw the scars and growled deeply "why would Sarutobi let you do missions early?" Naruto tensed. "Well, these aren't from missions." Minato and Kushina's eyes widened with the new revelation. "Then what caused them?" Asked Minato as he led the group towards a dry room. When they reached their destination Naruto motioned for his parents to lean down to his level. Naruto placed his hands on their foreheads and channeled chakra into their heads. As Naruto did this his parent's happy faces turned over to different versions of the same emotion, 'Pure rage'. Minato growled with more rage and hatred than the Kyuubi could ever offer. "Naruto go back to the real world then let me take over your body." Minato growled out as he clenched his fists in anger as he received Naruto's memories through his chakra. Naruto shook his head "what if i leave and you're not here when i come back." Kushina calmed down a small amount and hugged Naruto, "Naruto, when you opened that box it took half of the chakra from everyone in that room, and converted it to our chakra. We could last one month outside of your mind, and two months in your head. We'll be here Musuko (son). Now get out there and summon us so i can kick their as-" began Kushina but a hand over her mouth stopped her. "Don't swear in front of him, Kushina." Minato scolded then looked at Naruto and tilted his head in confusion. "Naruto why are your eyes like that?" Naruto tilted his head the same way, Kushina squealed at how cute her blonds looked when they were confused. "did you not get all of my memories?" Kushina and Minato both shook their heads. "Well. My body made a Dojutsu" Kushina threw Naruto into the air as if he was a pebble and caught him again, then began to start shaking in excitement. Minato couldn't move he was so shocked. "What does it do?" Asked Kushina as she hugged her son and spun him around. Naruto giggled and then opened his eye lids as much as he could, then got out of his mother's arms and looked at a wall. "Gendõryoku (moving force)" as Naruto said that word a burst of what seemed like air that was laced with chakra shot from Naruto's eyes. The air went at a speed where only those with a Dojutsu could see it in time to dodge it even halfway. The air hit the wall and blasted through the hard concrete wall as if it was glass. Minato and Kushina got excited thinking 'our son is so strong' and other things like that. Naruto was wrapped in an embrace again by his family, Minato smiled at his son and ruffled his hair. Naruto smiled back and felt his parents were pushing him out of his mind. Naruto accepted the fact that they were going to be here with him. When Naruto reached the real world he was met with the whole room running around frantically saying "we just found him, and now we lose him." Naruto coughed a small amount to gain everyone's attention. "Sorry about that, please sit down everyone." Naruto said as he unraveled his bandages from his eyes, and made his eyes return to normal. The room obeyed and waited to ask any questions, "I don't know why this meeting was held but i need to announce two things. The first is that my body has made a new Dojutsu." Shouts of outrage were made along with the shocked expressions of the room. "That is ridiculous Namikaze_sama. We have tried to do what you are saying for long before you were born, it's impossible." Naruto narrowed his eyes at the Hyūga who said that. Naruto pointed to his eyes, once everyone was looking he made his eyes transform. The pupil dilated until his whole eye was black then the blue slit formed onto his eyes. Everyone gasped at the sight. "I've only found out how to use some of its powers, I'll need more time to figure out its full capabilities." Naruto stood up from his podium, "My second announcement is in need of an explanation. I'm sure you all noticed that some of your chakra is missing." The room nodded. "The chakra that was taken from you was converted into two different chakras. The first belonged to my father." As Naruto said this he made hand signs and Minato appeared to his left. The council was ecstatic, until they saw his face. A deep scowl was imprinted on his usually smiling face, to see him like this was unnerving. The council prayed that Kushina wasn't the second chakra, but their prayers weren't answered. "The second was my mother." The room paled, Sarutobi attempted to creep out the door. "Dont you dare you old monkey." Kushina's now fully formed body walked to the door and locked it, then her hair split into nine parts. "So, anyone care to tell me why my son was treated the way he was?" Silence filled the room. "Kaa-san, I've already forgiven them. Please calm down" Naruto gave her his best puppy eyes with a pleading look. Kushina gushed at how cute her son was and ran to him and hugged him. Minato chuckled and sat down on the chair he used to reside in, them motioned for Naruto and Kushina to sit down. Kushina sat down and pulled Naruto into her lap, Naruto tried to squirm out but Kushina kept him trapped. Sasuko looked at the position Naruto was in and blushed as he saw the boy blush and try to wriggle out of his mother's iron grip. "Welcome back from the dead, dobe" Fugaku said as he leaned back in his chair with a smile. "What was that teme?" Asked Minato as he opened the box in Naruto's hands and took out a three pointed kunai. "Enough, both of you shut it." Himoto said as she snapped at her two ex teammates. Fugaku and Minato paled and sulked a small amount while Himoto thought 'still got it.' Sarutobi cleared his throat to gain everyone's attention. "Most of you know why we gathered today. All major clans are to give Naruto a gift from their clan." Naruto deactivated his Dojutsu and patted his moms arm, Kushina got the underlying message and let Naruto get up. The clan heads also got up and walked over to the blond and started to give him their gifts.

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