Three Bags Full Doctor

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Jake's POV -

I balanced the two cups of coffee in my hand and pushed the door open slowly with my other one. A small smile played on my lips as I saw she was fast asleep, her eyelids fluttering a little. I had woken before her and decided to pop to the hospital cafe to start our day off right. I placed the cups on the bedside table and yawned, stretching a little as I did so.

Her eyes opened gradually as she woke from her sleep an she smiled at me warmly. I bent down and pecked her lips quickly -

"Good morning Muffin."

She yawned and stretched upwards and I handed her the cup of coffee which she took eagerly. Her hair was sticking up in five different directions and I smiled at how genuinely adorable she looked right now.

"Coffee and kisses? You're officially my favourite person now Jake."

I grinned, giving her a cheeky wink before sitting down on the seat next to her bed.

"I've always been your favourite person."

I reached inside my pocket and pulled out her breakfast which I knew she'd be very excited about, I held it out to to her -

"Here you go, a muffin for my muffin... Get it?" I chuckled and she gasped, her eyes widening at the Nutella muffin in my hands. I grinned as she practically snatched it from me, ripping open the packaging and took a massive bite, Nutella smearing all over her mouth. She moaned as she chewed -

"It's been so long since I've had Nutella! Thank you!" she grinned, taking another bite.

"You weren't kidding when you told me I could eat Nutella every day if I woke up" she added, casually taking a sip from her coffee. My eyes widened immediately and I put my own cup down.

"You heard me?" I asked, the shock evident in my voice. She nodded, shrugging her shoulders almost as if it was no big deal.

"Of course I did."

I let the information process and I shook my head slowly, running a hand through my hair -

"Wow, that's insane. I literally thought you couldn't hear anything Emily."

She frowned and put her muffin down onto the hospital bed. Her face looked confused and she appeared to be thinking hard before she finally spoke.

"I remember everything," she said quietly, her eyes never quite meeting my own. I frowned and wondered what was troubling her. She glanced at me and noticed my concerned face and immediately, she masked her features over with a grin.

"So, are you going to take me on that date?" She grinned cheekily and I chuckled, remembering how I'd promised to take her on a proper date. I kept my promises and so I nodded, leaning forward to kiss her cheek. She immediately wrapped her arms around my neck, placing a soft kiss underneath the skin on my ear. Her lips lingered for a few seconds and I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment whilst it lasted.

The room door opened and I jumped backwards, groaning in frustration at being disturbed. Emily giggled quietly and I turned to see her doctor stood by the door, eyebrow raised at me.

"I pay for a private room and get no bloody privacy," I mumbled unhappily, throwing myself back into the chair.

"This is a hospital Mr Melvin, do I need to remind you of that?" Dr Green said, pulling a machine through the door. I rolled my eyes and sighed dramatically.

"Yes doctor, whatever you say doctor..."

"Three bags full doctor," Emily added, giving me a cheeky smile. I grinned at her and waggled my eyebrows causing her to laugh, the joyous sound filling the small room. It was music to my ears. I wouldn't ever get tired of hearing her voice or laughter ring through my ears.

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