Pocky Loving Little Devil-OHSHC fanfic

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This is my first OHSHC fanfic so wish me luck ^-^

Saya looks like the girl in the cover <3


( Saya's Pov )

I couldn't contain the happiness that was bubbling up inside my chest. I gazed contently out the plane's window as we sore over the fluffy clouds and blue sky.

'I'm going to be seeing you guys for the first time in over ten years!" I giggle childishly, clapping my dainty hands together. Sweeping my bangs out of my eyes I retighten my high pony tail with slightly shaking arms. You see I am not one for laboring work or any muscle movement for that matter, catching colds or other sickness were another thing I was good at. I spent some of my earlier states as a baby in the hospital being watched over 24/7 by the doctors and frantic parents. I was the only girl in the triplet group, so the doctors thought that was the reason why I was always so sick, because the boys had taken most of the nutrients while we were growing. Rummaging around inside my massager bag, a squeal of delight escapes my lips as my hand touches the corner of a rectangular box. I rip open the top of the container and reach into the package. Smiling brightly I put a pocky stick in my mouth as I hum happily to myself.

~~~~~~~When the plane lands~~~~~

"Miss, please wake up," A flight attendant gently shakes me awake with a soft hand to my shoulder.

"Hmmm?" I mumble, snuggling deeper into the chair.

"Miss we landed in Japan," The flight attendant tries again, this time shaking me rougher. Snapping open my golden-amber flashing eyes, I stare at the attendant with a scowl. I wasn't a person who took kindly to be woken up from either my sleep or cat naps.

"I-I'm sorry M-Miss! It's j-just t-that you need to g-get off," The startled women stammers, taking a few shaky steps back.

"Oh I'm so sorry! Please forgive me, I'm not a person who takes kinda to be woken up," I apologize, my mood changing quickly as I taste the pocky in my mouth.

"Oh no problem madam, I completely understand." The women smiles kindly, a warm look in her pale green eyes. 'She reminds me of my child at home,' The women couldn't help but think as she guides me out of the plane and into the airport.

"Bye bye! Thank you for being to nice to me!" I wave grinning widely to the other smiling women.

"Your welcome sweetie, stay away from strangers you hear!" The lady calls after me with a motherly tone to her voice.

"You got it!" I give her a thumbs up, which causes me to trip over my feet. Humming to myself a merry tune to myself I gather my luggage into my two hands before stumbling out of the airport. With shaky arms and legs I manage to get out of the airport and outside I drop the luggage onto the ground with a heavy breathing. I struggle to control my breathing and the stars blinking through out my eyesight.

"Sweetie! Please tell me you did not carry all this by yourself!?!" Mother's astonished voice brakes my consideration.

"Mommy!" A smile brakes across my face as I leap into the awaiting arms of Mother. 'I'm so happy to see you!" I giggle as Mother strokes my hair with her hand in a soothing manner.

"It's so good to see you too dear!" Mother coos as she sets me back down.

"Where's the other two?" I question, my eyes holding curiosity as I look around frantically. Searching for two familiar ginger heads, but to my disappointment they were no where in site.

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