Austin Mahone Imagines

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Imagine #3 [Dirty ;)]

Austin just got home from a long day of rehearsals for the VMA's and he's sitting on the couch in the living room watching tv. You're in the bedroom laying on the bed on your phone, scrolling through Instagram, bored. You decide that you want to have some fun so you run into the living room and jump right on Austin's lap with your legs on each side of him.

You: "Baby I'm bored"

Austin: "I am too babe"

You: "Let's do something together"

Austin: "Like what?"

You: "Anything you'd like"

Austin smirks at you and swiftly stands up and picks you up by your waist and throws you over his shoulder.


Austin: "Having some fun"

He walks you into the bedroom and places you on the bed.

Austin: "Ready for some fun baby?" *smirks*

You: "Aha sure"

So Austin crawls on top of you and begins to softly plant kisses on your neck and cheeks. A giant smile spreads across your face because Austin knows that you love being kissed on the neck. Soon you start to feel his hands roam from your hips to your breasts. His right hands softly grips your right boob and begins to slowly move in a circular motion. You quietly moan through clenched teeth trying not to get turned on too quickly. Austin then lifts up your shirt with his left hand as he massages your stomach. He stops everything he's doing, stands up on his knees, and teasingly slips off his shirt. You can't help but to firmly grab his arms and pull him back down to your level so he can continue his work on you. A few more kisses later, Austin's right hand travels down to your lower area and begins to rub up and down. Then you grab the rim of Austin's pants and tug at them trying to signal that you want them off. Austin catches on and lifts up from kissing you.

Austin: "Haha I'm guessing you wanna see what's under there?"

You: "Mhmm"

Austin: "Ahaha well let me see some skin first"

You: "Ugh fine"

You quickly slip your shirt over your head and throw it to the side. Then you unhook your bra and throw that as well. Just as you're about to pull your shorts down...

Austin: "Uh uh, I wanna do this" *smiles*

So you let him. He tucks his fingers on the sides of your shorts and yanks them down. You look up at him and he's grinning. Then you notice that you weren't wearing any underwear!

Austin: "Ha seems like you've been waiting for this"

You: "Haha I guess you could say that" *winks*

Austin then lets you undo his pants. You slowly pull them down.

You POV: Oh my gosh! I'm not sure if I'm ready. We've been dating for 3 months and of course I've always thought about it, but AGH! I'm nervous. What if as soon as I pull his boxers off Clark slaps me in the face? Haha oh well.

You POV over.

You finally get Austin's pants off and you can already see Clark has risen. You bite your bottom lips as you look down at Clark and then up at Austin and you see he has a huge grin on his face. You slip his boxers down at normal speed and...

You: "oh my gosh" *whispers*

Austin: "What?"

You: "Um, uh.. nothing"

Austin then gently scoots you back so your head is on the pillows.

Austin: "Are you ready babe?"

You: *sigh* "Uh huh"

To start off, Austin just slips the head of Clark into you. You squeal at the feeling. Austin grips your hips and looks into your eyes deeply then nods. He slides a few more inches in and you squeeze the pillows beside you.

Austin: "I'm going all the way now, okay?"

You: "Just push it" *through clenched teeth*

Austin does as he's told and pushes the rest of Clark into you. You scream, but not as loud as you thought you would. Austin begins to slowly stroke in and out of you. The pain eventually turns into pleasure and you begin to moan.

Austin: "Moan my name baby"

You: "Mmm Austin. UH AUSTIIIIINNN"

He sees that you're starting to like it so he picks up the pace. Your boobs begin to go with motion of his strokes so Austin bends down and places his mouth on your left one. You can feel his teeth slightly biting your nipple as you wrap your hands on his back and begin to scratch it. Now he's picked up the pace even more and the both of you are moaning and grunting.

Austin: "UGH SHIT YES"


Seconds later your back arches and you experience a feeling that you never have before. You scream your loudest and pull on the bed sheets as hard as you could. Austin pulls out of you. You then feel a warm liquid on your stomach. You see that Austin came on you.

You: "Ugh! Did you *sigh* really *sigh* have to do that on me?"

Austin: "Haha *sigh* sorry babe"

You both are out of breath. Austin then plops himself next to you on the bed and says...

Austin: "Now wasn't that fun?"

You: "Definitely"

He pulls you close to him and spoons you as he begins to sing in your ear.



Anyways, I hope you liked it (:

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