Chapter Twenty-Seven (Epoligue)

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  It had been eight months since Percy was taken out of his coma. Eight months of pure torture. And he knew what that felt like. But he made it through. Just like anything else he'd ever done.

The nightmares still came every night. And he wasn't sure they'd ever go away. But he had Annabeth, and that's all he needed.

Now he sat in his cabin with her, looking though an old box he found under his bed. It contained pictures from all his quests. Aphrodite was quite the stalker.

"That ones after you crashed your own funeral," Annabeth muttered as he took out a picture of her hugging him furiously.
"It was also after our first kiss," Percy added.

They smiled at the memory. "Oh like a need a picture to remember this one," Percy laughed as he pulled out a picture of Annabeth judo flipping him.

They boh blushed bright red at the next picture. It was of them when Frank found them in the stables on the Argo ||.

Percy opened his mouth to comment but the sound of the conch horn cut him off.

Annabeth smiled widely. "You ready to get your butt kicked?" Annabeth asked.
"Yeah right. Jason and I will leave you and Piper in the dust."
"I wouldn't be so sure. Piper's quite good at chariot racing."

Percy just smirked. This was the first group event they had since before the war. The two walked hand in hand until they reached the chariots.

They both mounted, their partners right behind them. They stared at each other for a moment.

"May the best demigod win," he said the Annabeth. She just smirked in reply.

"Ready campers?" Chiron's voice boomed. There was a grumble through the crowd.
"On your mark.."
"Get ready to be beat Jackson," Annabeth said.
"Get set..."
"We've already been over this Chase. I'm going to win."
"We'll just see about that."

And for once, Percy never looked back.

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