Popping the Question

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                Dinner with her father was less stressful than I thought it would be. He looked like a big, scary man, but he was a lot kinder than he let on. I think he cared less about the fact I was a woman or anything like that, but the fact I wouldn’t hurt his daughter. I didn’t need to lie to him. I would never hurt her again. Not after Riley. Not after that mistake.

                She didn’t stay over last night; I think she wanted to spend some more time with her dad. I thought it was sweet, really.

                I was still thinking about that when I walked up to my door. I had already opened it halfway when I saw the little envelope taped to the front of the door.

                Dear Ash,

                Long time no see, huh? I didn’t quit at Wendy’s I just had to go on a family trip for a few weeks. Last time I heard, Erica wasn’t talking to you. I know it’s horrible of me to say this, but I hope she still isn’t.

                You weren’t here when I knocked, so I wrote this letter for you. I hope it reminded you of the first one I sent. The one that led us to the stars. Even if you didn’t want what happened at the time, you can’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy yourself when we looked at the stars. How often did you take her? And did it feel the way it did with me?

                We could have something, Ash. I really believe that.

                I hope you see it too.

                                                                                            Yours Truly,


                I sighed heavily and put the letter back in the envelope.


                She’s still here, trying to get in my life. She screwed it up enough for me.

                Did you have fun with her?

                That’s not the point! I am in love with Erica. I couldn’t even dream of being with anyone else.

                But you have dreamt of someone else.

                Once. I love Erica. I don’t want anything else. I want her.

                So how do you plan on handling this?

                I’m going to tell Erica about the letter. She deserves to know.

                Are you sure? Does she need to know about the letter? If it’s not a problem, why do you need to tell her? You’ve been doing really well, bringing up Riley will just cause tension. If she’s really not a problem, then Erica shouldn’t need to know, right?

                I care about Erica. I don’t want to hide this from her.

                How will she react?

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