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Draco the Puncher

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Blood and dirt stained the tile floors of Hogwarts. The air was filled with the metallic scent of blood and dead people roasting in the sunlight. Sun didn't help the dead, that's for sure.

Harry had lost his wand in the commotion of a death eater trying to take him to Voldemort. He disappeared during all of the fighting, waiting for the right moment to jump out and kill Voldemort. He had given Draco a discreet message telling him he didn't have his wand and needed one.

Everyone was gathered around Voldemort, who was now trying to recruit people in his army. He was failing however.

"Draco." Voldemort suddenly called out, looking around for his platinum blond hair. "Join me."

Draco gulped and shook his head. Voldemort's eyes darkened. "Your mother and father died for you? Tsk," Voldemort clicked his tongue. "Join me and prove your worthy...Or maybe I was wrong about you, Draco. Maybe you don't deserve to live. Maybe you deserve every minute of torture I can put you through. How about that?"

Draco gulped once again and went over to him. Voldemort smiled at him and spread is arms out.

"Very good, Draco-"

Draco took Voldemort's arm and twisted it behind his back, then grabbed an extra wand out of his robes. He threw it to Harry's hiding spot and punched Voldemort in the face.

"You moron." Draco spat as he let Voldemort go. "As if I'd ever go with you."

Voldemort yelled out and was about to kill Draco, but he ran sideways and had him kill Greyback. Voldemort shrieked and ran over to Greyback along with a flock of other death eaters.

"Get him, someone!" Voldemort hissed, but a death eater had already hexed Draco. He didn't feel anything, but he knew something was going to happen.

what was going to happen?

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