Chapter Twenty-Six

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A/N Okay so I'm a little disappointed that nobody gave me a POV to write. I also wanted to say that I think this is going to be the last chapter before the epilogue. I feel like this story is definitely coming to an end and there's not much more for me to write. Sorry this chapter is short.


Percy could see Annabeth's blonde hair even through the darkness. "Annabeth?" He rasped as Tartarus left the room.

She ran to his side as the door closed. She didn't say a word. She didn't need to. She simply kissed his forehead and rubbed his arm (because his back had too many wounds).

"He-He's going to come back," Percy whispered, trying to keep the fear out of his voice.
"I know," she said helplessly, "I know. Just.... Just look at me the whole time. Okay? Think about how much I love you. Think about the rest of the seven and your mom. And Tyson. And Paul and Poseidon. Grover. Think about everything worth fighting for," she said gently.

Percy didn't get a chance to respond as the door creaked open once more. "Go back to the chair girl!" Tartarus yelled. "Or else he gets extra."

Annabeth slowly made her way back to the chair she was forced to stay in. He watched as the ropes were tied around her wrists. She didn't even fight them anymore.

Tartarus once again began his torture. And though Percy felt pain beyond his imagination, he never gave in. He never begged for mercy. He never screamed. Because he thought about his family. And he knew then that there was plenty left to fight for.

Percy awoke with a gasp. A trail of sweat made its way down his back and shoulders. But for once, he wasn't completely horrified.

It took him a moment to realize that Annabeth wasn't next to him. His stomach churned uneasily as he stood up to look for her.

Turns out, he didn't need to. She walked in right as he got to his feet. "Hey," she said softy. "Sorry I stepped out. I was just talking to Chiron. He said that we could go to the Poseidon cabin if you'd like."
"Really? Could we?"
"Yeah. I think it's better than taking up room in the Big House."
"I agree."

She smiled and walked into the bathroom, grabbing the small bag containing her tooth and hair brushes. "I'm all set."

Percy chuckled as he grabbed his toothbrush from the counter. He walked to the doorway. "You coming?" He yelled over his shoulder. She hurried after him.

As they walked through camp Percy took her hand. "So," he said tentatively, "Nightmares?"
"When aren't there?"
"Guess I was just hoping," he said sheepishly.
"Well, they weren't as bad. You looked okay when I came in."
"I was actually." Percy didn't elaborate and Annabeth didn't make him. She just looked at him curiously and kept walking.

"Do you want to go fight later?" Annabeth asked. Chiron had given Percy permission to start his training again.
"When will I ever turn down a fight? Your going down Chase."
"In your dreams Jackson," she laughed. (A/N Who do you think would win. I think it'd be Percy because he's supposedly the best. But then again Annabeth knows his style. They both have other advantages on each other.)

They both stopped in front of the door of the Poseidon cabin. Percy smiled widely before throwing the door open.

A sea breeze hit them. Percy breathed in deeply. "Home sweet home."

A/N Sorry, I know the dialogue wasn't my best.

Disclaimer: All rights go to Rick Riordan.

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