The perfect girl

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There was a loud clang outside the door that made Marinette jump out of her skin. She breathed hard and the room got colder as the sound of someone unlocking the door rang through her ears. Something metal hit the ground as the door slowly creaked open. Marinette prepared herself for whoever this person planned to do to her. A man emerged from the doorway. His frame was small and thin and if Marinette had saw him walking down the street, she would have assumed he was a librarian or a teacher of some sort. He had wired glasses and a black shirt that made his thin arms look extremely pale. He had his hands behind his back as he timidly walked towards me. When he was a few feet from me he spoke.

"He-hello Marinette."
I flinched.
"How do you know my name?"
I whispered.
"I know everything about you Mari. I know you like to design, I know your sweet and kind. I know that you love pink and roses. I know that you are perfect Marinette."

"How do you know all that stuff about me?"

"I've been watching you Mari. I have been searching for so long for someone like her. And now I finally found you."
The man smiled at me almost nervously. He began to step a little closer to me.
"Here. Im sorry I took it but I had to make sure there wasn't anything in their that you could use to hurt yourself."
He handed back my purse and I flinched again when it thudded to the ground next to me.
"Please. Please let me go."
Marinette whispered. The man leaned down and pulled out a knife. Marinette cried out and shut her eyes so tightly that little colorful dots floated around in the blackness. She heard a tearing sound and felt the ropes fall away from her arms and ankles. When she opened her eyes the man was already at the door.
"Sleep well Marinette."
She stared at the door as she heard the lock click back in place. As soon as the footsteps died out she rushed for the purse and fumbled to get it opened. It opened and reviled A small red kawmi staring at Marinette with wide eyes.

She held on tightly to her small friend and felt tears of relief stream down her face. It was so nice to see something familiar and safe.
"Marinette. I saw them."

"Who Tikki?"

"The missing girls on the news. They are here."

"Oh no. We have to get them out of here!"

"Marinette we can't."

"What do you mean we can't?"

"Marinette... We can't help them."

"Yes we can! We can just transform an-"

"They're dead! Marinette they're dead."
Marinette felt the blood drain from her face and she felt cold again. That could only mean if he killed three girls in three days, Marinette did not have much time.

"Tikki. We have to get out of here."

"Yes lets hurry! I don't like this place Mari."

"It's going to be okay Tikki. Don't worry we will be out of here soon! Tikki Spots On!!"
Marinette waited but nothing happened. She looked at Tikki and she seemed just as confused as Marinette.
"What th-"
Marinette gasped. One of her earrings were missing.
"Tikki one of the earrings must have fell out when he took me!"
Tikki let out a gasp as well. They both sat in silence for a while. Trying to think of what they could do.
"Tikki, you have to go."

"What! No Mari I am not leaving you alone!"

"You have to Tikki or in 24 hours I could be like those other girls!"

"Don't say that! I can't leave you!"

"You have to Tikki! You have to find someone and tell them where I am!"

"But who can I tell?"

'Chat.' Her brain said instantly.

"Get Chat Tikki! You have to find Chat!"

"I will find him as fast as I can Marinette! I promise I'll be back soon!"
Tikki flew to the window. Then turned around and tried to wrap her tiny arms around Marinette's cheek.
"I love you Marinette!"

"I love you too Tikki!"

"I promise I will be right back! Play it safe Marinette! I love you!"

"Don't worry, I can try to hold him off as long as I can. I love you too!"
Tikki looked back one more time before flying through the window. With out Tikki, Marinette felt herself slip back into a panic and she tried to calm her breathing so Marinette thought of other things. Like how Chat Noir would finally find out her identity.
'What will he think of me? Will he show me who he is in return? I hope Mama and Papa are okay. I hope Alya is alright as well. If I make it out of this alive, I am going to ask Adrien to the movies.'
Marinette heard the lock shift and the door open again. The man was carrying a porcelain doll with raven black hair, blue eyes, and a pink dress. Marinette stumbled and landed on the ground with a thud. The doll looked oddly similar to her.
"Here is something I made special for you! She always loved dolls that looked like her."
He motioned for her to take the doll. Marinette slowly took the doll in her hands.

"Who is the girl you're talking about?"

"Oh her name was Marie. She had black hair and blue eyes like you. And she loved pink. Marie was my little sister. I loved her so much."

"What happened to her?"

"Well it wasn't my fault really. She just got into my art supplies because she wanted to make art of her own. Well, she broke the doll I had been working on. I was only eleven at the time and she was eight, so it is understandable that she would make such a mistake as that. Well that had happened to be my best piece of art. And she had broken it!"
He began to raise his voice and Marinette wished she had not asked.
"I was so angry. I went to tell her to leave my stuff alone and i held on to her neck so she wouldn't run away. She started to scream and that made me even more upset. She should not have screamed and I would have let her go! She was so stupid. How dare she do that to me! After a few minutes she stopped moving. Then the police came and made me go to a juvenile delinquent holding for 7 years. But I got a lot of thinking done in those seven years. I wanted to make it up to Marie. I loved Marie so much. I wanted to make a doll that looked exactly like Marie. There were other girls before you but they just weren't enough so I had to let them go. They just were not good enough for Marie. But you-"
He leaned towards me and I could feel his hot breath on my skin.
"You are Perfect. You look exactly like my Marie. You will be the perfect girl. You see I want Marie back so badly. I feel awful for what I did. You are so like Marie in so many ways. I know that you are just like Marie. I can finally have my little sister back. Here keep this doll, I made it for you."
He smiled at me.
"You can call me Leo. Thats what Marie called me."
Leo walked towards the door then turned around and smiled at Marinette.
"Goodnight Marie."
The doors locked behind him.

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