Chapter One.

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She's gone and it's all your fault.

You caused her death.

She died because of you.

It's your fault, you're weak.

You killed her.

You're a murderer, you gave up, you stopped looking.

All I could hear was those six sentences replay in my mind.

My breathing was getting heavier and my body become sweaty, I tossed and I turned.

It's all your fault.

You're the one to blame.

YOUR best friend is gone because of YOU.

"ENOUGH!" I screamed as I shot up from my bed.

I started panting as sweat poured down my chest.

Michonne came running in, as she turned on the light she sat beside me.

She held me in her arms as tight as she could.

And that was the moment when my best friends death finally hit me.

That was the moment I broke down, I became weak.

"It's all my fault" I sobbed while Michonne rocked me back and forth.

"Sophia, she's gone, and I'm the one to blame" I cried harder.

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