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Lena's p.o.v

What was happening? That conversation he had on the phone? And did I faint? I couldn't think straight anymore and I decided to make myself a cup of tea. I tried to call Jace but I received voice mail. So he has a girlfriend? Why didn't he tell me?
Somewhere, deep inside I felt weird.. Like I was... Hurt? No I'm not. Why would I? So many questions....

Should I go to his house to ask him what this all is about? Ok I'll go.

I reached his house in 10 minutes and knocked on the door. His mum answered. Hello Lena, I assume you are her for Jace? Yes, I am. Oh.. He is not home yet. But I'll tell him you were here.
Yeah..uh yeah ok.
I was a little dazed at the fact he wasn't here yet. Where could he be? At a friends house? I decided to just go home. I should get some sleep. I kicked out my shoes and collapsed on my bed. I soon drove off to sleep.

My dad woke me up to tell me dinner was ready. Lena? What's wrong with you? I was looking at my plate like it was more interesting than anything else. Lena? I am talking to you. Nothing. I just feel a little bit under the weather that's all. After dinner I went straight back to my room. I texted Jace, but he didn't reply. He ignored me? What the hell is wrong with him? I was pretty pissed at him. Tomorrow we had school again. Ugh.. I watched some youtube and drove off to sleep. Again. But this time, for a little longer.

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