The room

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Marinette groaned as she slowly came back to consciousness. Her head throbbed and she briefly wonder what she had done to her head. With eyes still closed she tried to reach for her lamp when she realized that her hands wouldnt separate. Marinette opened her eyes and gasped. She had ropes around her wrists and ropes around her ankles. Marinette looked up and saw she was in a small room. It was dark and the only light was coming from a door with a small window on the door with bars over the opening. Marinette looked around her, it was cold and the walls were made of concrete.
'This must be a basement.'
She noticed a small tray next to her with an apple and cup of clear liquid. She did not eat or drink the food for fear that it was tainted with drugs. Marinette sat there for what seemed like hours but what was only minutes and tried to turn around. Marinette suddenly gasped when she realized that her purse was missing.
'Oh no.. Tikki. Someone must have found out that Im Ladybug. Where did they take Tikki?'
Marinette quietly whispered for Tikki but there was no reply. Marinette felt tears start to blur her vision and she quickly shook her head and tried to keep a clear mind.
The next day at school, Adrien noticed that Marinette was absent that day. And so was Alya. When Nino got there, he looked panicked and when they made eye contact Nino ran up to Adrien.
"Hey Nino! Whats goi-"

"Marinette is gone."

"What?! What do you mean shes gone!"

"Shes missing or kidnapped or-or... I don't know and either does Alya or Marinette's parents."

"Well what happened?!"

"Alya said that when Marinette's mom went into her room to wake her up, her bed was still made and it looked like no one had slept in it."

"But she must be somewhere right? Maybe she ran away or something!"

"Adrien, do you really think Marinette would run away?"

'Of course she wouldn't. Marinette never mentioned anything to Chat and she seemed so happy. Where cpuld she be?'

"Adrien. You don't think that she-that she could have been-"

'No, anything but that. Please. No.'


"No I don't want to think about that."

"But Adrien three girls have been taken in the past three days. Marinette's parents are at the police station right now."


"Adrien. They found one of her earrings laying on the ground outside the bakery door."

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