Chap. 10: Bloody Fear part 2

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Narrator's POV ~
       "Killer how is she?" Kid then walked out of the bathroom. "She's doing fine. Her breathing has become normal." Killer said. And Kid just nodded.
       "Hmmm~. Huh?" Lyona's eyes had just opened. "Kid, she's awake." Killer said. Then Kid walked to Lyona and sat beside the bed. "W-What happened?" Lyona then sat up. "You fainted." Killer said. "Huh?" Lyona said confused. "I know what happened. The time you saw me fighting out there, you fainted because you  saw-"
       "Blood." Lyona finished what Kid was saying. "Blood? That means you have a phobia of blood." Killer said. "Yeah." Lyona replied. "You're gonna be fine. Everything is cleaned up outside." Kid said. "Thank you." Lyona said and smiled. "D-Don't mention it." Kid said, with a tint of pink blush on his face. Killer saw this and "Pff." was about to burst into laughter for seeing his captain like this. "What!" Kid yelled at Killer. "Nothing, Kid." Killer said, trying to contain himself from laughing.
      "Are there anything else that you're afraid of? I'm just curious." Kid asked. "Oh. I also hate spiders. I'm also freaking scared of them. Don't tell me there's one here. Or maybe, you're going to prank me with it. Is that it?" Lyona said. "No. Honest. I was just asking, to keep, you, uh, unharmed." Kid said. "Oh. Okay." Lyona said. "So why don't you rest here for a while. We'll just be outside." Kid said. "Yeah. If you need us, just call us." Killer said. "Okay." Lyona said, and layed back down the bed and closed her eyes.

Kid's POV ~
        After Lyona went back to sleep, Killer and I went out. When we got outside, everyone was cleaning up the mess from earlier. "How's Lyona Kid?" Wire walked up to our direction. "Yeah. She's resting. Don't disturb her." I said."Ooh. Kid is going soft on Lyona." Wire said. "Shut the fuck up Wire. She'll wake up." I whispered. I couldn't really argue with the truth. "So it is true." Heat then showed up beside Wire. "Just do your fucking job already." I irritatingly said. "Sure." "Okay cap." Then they both left. "I'll be going too Kid. I'm gonna prepare the food for later." Killer said. And I just nodded.

Lyona's POV ~
        After Kid and Killer went out, I then opened my eyes. I wasn't really tired. I'm feeling fine now. But I was wondering why Kid was somehow, nice to me. And, I think I'm, happy to know that we are not fighting anymore. Eventhough, it was fun teading him. And to be honest, I'm starting to get to like Kid, even though we kind of get to fight and tease each other often. I always get this different kind feeling that I've never felt before, whenever he's around. Right now, I stood up from bed and went to the bathroom to take a bath. I took off my clothes and turned on the water. And I saw some bullets beside the mirror. I wonder what's it doing here. I didn't bother figuring it out as I continued washing myself. But, I totally forgot. I don't have any clothes to wear. I'll just take some from Kid's clothes. Maybe he won't mind. Right now, I need to relax in this warm bath.

Narrator's POV ~
      While Lyona was bathing in Kid's bathroom in his room, Kid was planning on going back inside his room to get more bullets and reload his gun. He was now in front of his room. He turned the doorknob to find it unlock, but he went inside anyway. "Now where did I put those bullets." Kid said to himself. He searched his cabinets quietly so he won't disturb Lyona. But he didn't know that Lyona wasn't there anymore, but the layers of pillows were covered by the covers, which makes it look like someone's sleeping in there. But Kid didn't bother look. 'Ugh, I think I left it in the bathroom while I was washing earlier to get rid of the blood.' Kid thought to himself.
      When he got in front of the door, he heard water running from inside. 'What? Don't tell me I didn't turn off the water until now. Ugh, shit.' Kid thought as he directly opened the door. When he got inside he saw the back part of the naked figure of Lyona. It was really figured. She had very sexy curves, and sexy ass. When Lyona heard the door creaked open, she quickly turned around and "AHHH!" she screamed.
     "What the fuck are you doing! Don't you know how to knock! Get out!" Lyona shouted as she covered herself with the window curtains and splashed some water on Kid's face. Kid's face was now wet and getting red and he turned away immediately and said "Ah. I was just looking for my extra bullets. I-I must've left it he- " "Get out!" Lyona shouted again. And Kid hurriedly walked out the bathroom.
      Lyona then searched for the bullets, and remembered that she saw them beside the mirror. She took it and started walking for the door. She opened it a little and reached out her hand. While on the other side, Kid saw Lyona's hand reached out, holding the bullets. He immediately took them, and stompped out of the room. 'Ugh, what the hell is happening to me. Why am I getting flustered.' Kid thought while stomping his way outside.
       When he got out, he saw Killer coming out of his own room, and walking into his direction. "Oh Kid. Why is-" "Don't bother asking." Kid said as he gritted his teeth. And Killer was curious about what happened, but didn't bother anyway as he continued to go back to the kitchen. Lyona on the other hand, was soaking red in the bath. She couldn't stop thinking of Kid seeing her naked. "Ah~ That was so unexpected. I didn't know both doors, outside and inside here were unlock. How mortifying. Hah~." Lyona whined to herself as the memory of what happened earlier keep replaying in her mind. "Lyona, baka. Baka. Baka." Lyona kept saying to herself, as she finished herself showering.

Lyona's POV ~
       I was now done bathing. I took a fresh towel and wrapped it around my body. I opened the door a little and peeked outside if anyone was there. Especially Kid. Since I was sure that no one was around, I completely walked out. I searched for Kid's closet, and found a big door by the corner. I walked to it and opened it. It was full of maybe, Kid's clothes. I searched for something small to wear. And gladly, I saw a perfect fit for me. It was an oversized black shirt. When I wore it, it was thick and comfortable, and it reached down to my thighs, long enough to cover my butt. After I was done dressing up for myself, I then washed my clothes. First, I washed my panties. Then my white shorts. And then my black tank top. And my brown boots were just over by the bed. While waiting for them to dry, I rested on the bed and closed my eyes, waiting for myself to fall asleep.

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