Chapter 24: Darkness. (Ginny & Draco's Point of View).

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just try guessing who's point of view this is. I think you'd know almost immediately ;D btw, this chapter contains two differ point of views. and this chappie is uneventful and boring. just a warning and an appology to those who had been waiting for a new GREAT chapter.


Staring longingly at the outside forest, my mind was fully blank. I had made myself not to think of anything. The world was cruel. And if I began even thinking about how cruel this world was, I might get a headache.

Julienne has been mentally retarded for the past few days, and she will be for a little over than 20 hours.

Hermione has been heartbroken about how Ron was going out with...Lavender Brown.

Harry was...he was just being himself, as usual.

And the Slytherin boy...please don't get me started with him.

I had put my hand on my red head and tangled my hand with my hair. Squeezing my eyes tightly, I felt tears running down my cheeks.

Everything was in a mess at the moment. People getting hexed, dying, going mentally retarded.... What was going on in this world?

"Ginny?" a soft voice called from the door way to the girl's dorm.

I snapped my head toward Hermione who had red, puffy eyes.

"Professor Slughorn calls for you," she mumbled and walked away.

I blinked for a few moments to make myself snap back to reality. Professor Slughorn calls for me.




"You ought to be working on your task."

His monotone voice was striking on my nerves, very......annoyingly.

"This is none of your business, Snape," I replied, not looking up at him and continue reading my book.

"The Dark Lord is very impatient."

"That has nothing to do with me."

"He will kill you if you are late."

"Just get out of the room."

"Is she making you from doing your task?"

"Don't know who you are talking about."

"She is, isn't she? You don't want her to think of you as a filthy murderer, am I right? You do not want her to begin disliking you. You do no-"

"Just get out! Get the hell out!" I yelled, throwing my book at his direction. He smoothly stepped to the right and the book had hit to a wall and fell on the floor.

He looked at me once more than walked out of the men's dorm.

'What was going on in that think head of his?' I thought as I punched a pillow beneath me then lie down.

I looked out the window where it had shown stars and moon in the dark night sky. She was going be herself again, by tomorrow noon. I would be able to have my arms around her warm body again. I can see the beautiful smile of hers, again. I would be able to hear the melodic voice of hers, again.

Suddenly, I had realized how much I had missed her for the past few days.

Life without her was dull.

Life without her was nothing but darkness.

She was like a light in the dark.

She was like an angel.....

An angel that had came down from above and pulled me up from the dark, evil world...which I was currently still in.

I needed her.

Julienne was the only thing that has ever made me so happy.

Julienne was the best thing that has ever happened to me.


yes, uneventful. and boring. and short. but the next part....the next part is the BIG event where Julienne COMES BACK TO LIFE! well...not literally but she'll be able to become...normal again. comment and vote please, if you want the next chappie ;D and ill dedicate the first person to comment on the next chapter :3

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