Chapter Two

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(Y/n) PoV

"hello, you must be the new student?!" a brown haired girl shouted. When she got to me she stuck her hand out to sake with mine "my name is Cross Yuki, but you can call me Yuki" I smiled and took her hand "nice to meet you Yuki, my name is (Y/n)" after a couple of minutes a boy with silver hair and lavender eyes came beside Yuki "this is zero" she smiled and elbowed zero to say something "don't get in my way" that's all he said then he walked of "sorry about mr grumpy but if you get to know him he's ok, now I'll take you to the headmasters office" she smiled and showed me the way. For the whole time we got to know each other.

We got to the headmasters office Yuki opened the door for me I bowed and thanked her "hello you must be (L/n) (Y/n), her is your key and your dorm number and your uniform and if you have any questions ask Yuki, Zero or Me" he waved me off with a smile.

When I got to my dorm I unpacked everything I was just about to throw my bad away when Tomi came out off my bag and turned into a human. "Did you actually forgot I was in there" he crossed his arms "no, I was just about to take you out" I giggled "sure" he pouts "stop being silly Tomi" I ran up behind him and hugged him "how could I forget someone that has always been there for me" i let go and ran into my bathroom "I'm just going for a bath"

Tomis PoV
(Y/n) hugged me from the back, I felt a heat rise on my cheeks. Why do I feel like this every time (Y/n) comes near me I get a bubbly feeling in my stomach and my face goes read.

(Time skip)

(Y/n) PoV

I dried my (H/l) (H/c) hair and put my (F/c) pyjamas and put my hair up in a black bobble. I walked out off the bathroom to see Tomi in his cat form sleeping on my bed. I got in next to him and went to sleep.

I woke up to a gentle poking on the nose, yawning I saw Tomi I started to stroke him "well I need to get dressed if I don't want to be late". I got up and got dressed into my uniform, I went in front of my mirror and did my hair I wore it in (H/s). Then I started to fix my skirt when I heard a knock at the door I ran up to it and put my and on the golden rim I slightly opened it and looked around to see a bright, happy Yuki and a dull looking zero "Ohayo (Y/n) how was your first sleep here" "good thank you, why are you here not trying to be rude" I smiled "oh we thought we could walk you to class" she said with a big smile on her face "aw you shouldn't off" I said walking out of the door "no no don't worry" for the whole time I just looked to the floor

"Here we are" Yuki said. When we walked in the teacher called me down next to him "alright everyone today we have a new transferred students miss (L/n) introduced your self please" the teacher turned around and smiled at me "hi my name is (L/n) (Y/n), but you can call me (Y/n) I have came from
(C/n) and I hope we could all get along" I smiled some of the boys were whispering and some girls were smiling back at me "thank you miss (L/n) can please sit next to miss Akiyama Saki" for the whole lesson I wrote notes and talked to Saki. Saki had brown wavy hair and brown eyes win her hair she had two blue bows.

The bell rang "hey (Y/n), do you want to come and see the night class with us?" she squealed 'night class?' I thought I looked around the room and Yuki was gone "ok" I smiled and started to walk with her.

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