Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Colin´s POV

As I came closer I could hear her heart beating and her breath quicken. I wanted to tease her with my slow movements, see how she´d react. But now that she reacted exactly the way I wanted her to, I didn´t know what to do. Eoin was my friend and I couldn´t betray him. I´ve seen the way he looked at her and it seemed that he really liked her. I had to stay away from Jenna.

It took all my willpower to pull away from her. Out of the door, I began to ran because if I´d stopped, I would have turned around and kissed her.

The next day I walked around the streets to get a little air and hopefully a clear head. I was up most of the night because I was so frustrated with this whole situation. I needed to be with Jenna. And even if I couldn´t be her boyfriend I wanted to at least spend time with her, be there for her when she needed me. I would love her, even if she would never return it.

My thoughts were interrupted when I saw Jenna. She was wearing sporty clothes and had no make-up on. She looked way more beautiful without any make-up.

„Hey Jenna!“ I greeted. She was surprised because she hadn´t seen me yet and somehow she looked a little stressed.

„Hi Col!“ she said and I grinned wide because she used my nickname.

„What are you up to?“ I asked.

„I´m teaching my kids dancing.“

„Your kids?“

„I teach some kids from a orphanage dancing and guitar.“

„Oh that´s nice!“ I said. „Mind if I come?“

„Not at all“ she smiled a little more relaxed than before.

We walked for a few minutes in silence until we arrived at a gym. I saw like 15 kids in sportswear running towards Jenna. She smiled really big and hugged each one. She ordered them to their places in the room. Music began to play and they all started to stretch.

After a couple of minutes Jenna looked over at me with a weird expression on her face. Almost as if she would be too shy to dance in front of me. If she´d only knew that I already saw her dance. I smiled reassuringly and after another moment of hesitation she showed the kids the dance they would do today (On the side... I know the beginning is weird but I like the choreography). Jenna´s movements looked so effortless and sometimes robot-like whenever they should be. She was really good. When she was done she glanced at me to see my reaction which was a huge smile. She tought the kids everything step by step and most of them where really good as well.

Next came in three girls in ballet outfits. Jenna put off the loose shirt she had on and now she was just in a sportsbra. Damn, she was fit. She was skinny but still curvy. I tried not to stare but failed miserable. Gladly she didn´t noticed because she was concentrated on the figures she showed to the girls. Now I understood why she took her shirt off because you could see every muscle flex. Sometimes the girls lost balance because they didn´t tensed their muscles enough. Jenna was very strict but gentle and patient at the same time.

When the lesson was over a little boy around three or four years old came running into the room followed by a laughing woman. He ran to Jenna, jumped into her arms and she caught him easily.

„I´m sorry Jenna,“ the woman said still laughing, „he wanted to come so he could see you. He pouts everytime that he is still too young to take your classes.“

„It´s fine really.“ she said to the woman and then to the boy „Hey love! I missed you! How are you doing?“

„I learned the letters B and J today, so I could write our names.“

„That´s great honey. I´m so proud of you!“

„Will you come next weekend?“ the boy ask hopeful.

„Of course I will. And then I´ll take you out for icecream.“

He smiled a huge toothy smile and ran back to the woman who had called for him to leave with her so they could take the others back to the orphanage.

„I´m gonna take a shower. I won´t be long.“ Jenna said looking exhausted. I noticed that she hadn´t any water with her so I quickly went to a shop across the street to get her some while she showered.

„Thank you so much!“ she said hugging me when she came out. I instinctively pulled her closer and burried my face in her neck. I really liked the feeling of her in my arms. She fitted perfectly into my body. I didn´t care that I got all wet because of her dripping hair. When she took a step back she stumbled and I quickly grabbed her.

„Are you feeling okay?“ I asked worried.

„Yeah, just a little dizzy. I haven´t had the chance to eat anything this morning because I woke up late. That´s it.“

„Well then I´m gonna take you out on a huge breakfast right now.“ I smiled putting my arms around her and leading her out of the building. But then I quickly drew my arm back remembering that I should stay away from her.

Jenna´s POV

We went to a vegan bakery that had a huge buffet with mouthwatering pastries. We ordered baps and coffee and sat in a cozy corner of the shop. I had hoped we could just continue like yesterday but Colin behaved strangely. He was somehow distant and a little stiff. It was still fun to be around him though. He asked a lot of questions about the kids and I told him about Benjamin and Jeremy.

„So the little boy´s name is Ben?“ Colin asked.

„Yeah. Isn´t he just the sweetest kid ever?“ I laughed. Colin laughed as well and nodded.

„And Jeremy is a 11 year old. He just hit puberty which is a little bit annoying but I love him to pieces. I tried to adopt both of them but I cannot because I don´t have a husband.“ I pouted. „So I spend most of my free time in the orphanage.“

„That´s a silly regulation. You should be able to adopt them without a partner as long as you are able to care for them.“

„I totally agree!“

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