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This is not a story but an awareness rant.

What's this rant about you may ask? It's about bullying. YES Bullying.

Why the f**k would you want to bully someone? Yes and I have to swear because bullying is an worldwide issue that has me so pissed off.

What the f**k do you get from bullying someone? Power? Makes you feel good? HELP ME UNDERSTAND YOU BULLIES. WHAT THE F**K IS SO BAD ABOUT YOUR LIFE THAT YOU HAVE TO BEAT UP OR DOWN ON SOMEONE??

DOES the power fill you with light??? DO YOU feel special you get to hold "something" over someone??? I BEG YOU BULLIES i am trying to understand.

Bullying comes in so many forms its remarkable!! You want a f**king award for putting someone through all that pain and misery???

I have witnessed people go into depression and suicidal missions from being bullied and guess what the bullies are happy and healthy and want to know the f**king funny thing MANY people witness and do not a shit about it because they are to scared. HOW THE F**K is the world meant to continue if you are to afraid to stop someone from endangering another life.

To me if you witness something THAT bad occurring and you just ignore it YOU are just as f**king bad as the bully BECAUSE you aren't trying to put an end to it.

I was bullied yes.. ALOT of us was bullied once before but not to the severity as some goes through. Recently we have seen KILLING sprees....the victims of bullying taking out their anger and all the pent up hate by killing innocent children.

So many innocent people lose their lives ALL because bullies ended a life  not literally but emotionally, mentally during school or something.

DO you bullies ever stop and wonder how they feel? HOW THEIR families feels? DO YOU EVEN CARE AT ALL???

There is so much I can say about this issue but I will continue a next day. I pray to God to stop this injustice.


Bullying has no gain but another life has more gain than you will ever know.

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