Chapter 40: The Surprise!

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7 months have past and Katelyn was now staying in the hospital because 9 months have past and her water was gonna break any moment now. Travis was by her side the whole time in the hospital and Katelyns cousin Gene was taking care of Kelly.
All of a sudden...
Katelyn: AHHH!!!!
Travis: WHAT!?!
The doctor rushed in and Katelyn wanted them to cut open her stomach instead of the other way.
When the doctor opened Katelyns stomach he made a nurse make sure that it didn't close so the baby doesn't suffocate or something (IDK)
The doctor pulled out the baby and cut the Cord thing and handed the baby to another nurse.
Doctor: Huh... That's odd.
Katelyn: WHAT
Doctor: Nurse W. Keep her stomach open.
Nurse W: Ok sir.
Travis: WHAT IS IT!?
The doctor suddenly pulls out another baby.
Doctor: Looks like you have Twins!
Katelyn: WHAT!?!?
The nurse stitched up Katelyns stomach so there was a huge line like there is on her arm.
Doctor: Wow... How haven't i seen this before...
Travis: Wait so... Katelyn had... TWINS!!!
Katelyn was passed out. Still breathing but passed out.
The doctor carried the babies to the baby room and cleaned them up then they found out what other gender the other baby was and it was a girl. Then the doctor wrapped the baby boy In a blue blanket and put on a blue cap.
And the baby girl got a pink blanket and a pink cap.
The doctor came back with the 2 babies and Katelyn was awake.
Katelyn: Ow... That was painful
Travis: But it was worth it...
Travis got to hold the boy baby and Katelyn held the girl.
Travis: Why hello there baby Jordan...
Katelyn: What should we name the girl?
Travis: She looks like a... Either a Bella or a... Wendy.
Katelyn: Definitely a Wendy
Travis: Ok then baby Jordan and baby Wendy.

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