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"Hey babe," Jax announced coming through the door.

"Hey," I yelled from the living room.

"What's for dinner?" He asked, hugging me from behind.

"Ice cream."

"Are you fucking serious?!"


"It's been ice cream for the past two weeks!"

"Order some pizza then."

"Why don't you get your lazy ass up and cook?"

"You can go fucking cook."

"Every since your mother died you've been getting lazier and lazier."

"So what, I'm still a rockstar."

"I'm not fucking playing with you right now."

"I got my rock moves and I don't need you."

"Fuck you," He said walking up stairs.

10 minutes after Jax went upstairs I decided to go up too. I needed some sleep.

My mom died 6 months ago and since then, I've never been the same. She was my bestfriend, my ride or die, my homie, and it's just hard for me to believe she's gone.

After her death I gained some weight due to depression. I quit my job, stop cooking, and stop pleasuring Jax. Sometimes I think he's cheating on me cause we haven't had sex in like forever.

I'm somewhat over it though, but sometimes it's just hard for me. I decided not to tell anyone about it because I don't wanna have to take medicine. I don't understand how people just swallow it. I have to chew.

When I got to our room I heard Jax in the bathroom on the phone with someone.

"She's so fucking lazy! I think I might just leave her this time," he said.

This brought tears to my eyes. I walked downstairs and sat back on the couch. I sat there for about an hour staring blankly at the tv. Tears falling down my face.

I fell asleep on the couch that night.

Jax never came to get me.

That was 3 months ago. This is how it is now......

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