Chapter 3

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Stacey's POV

Class just finished, and I was in process of walking to my car, when my phone went off. My heart clenched hoping that perhaps the text would have come from my new friend Ranger. Unfortunately the text came from my mom, telling me to have a great day. I mean don't get me wrong I love my momma, but I'm ready for that special text.

So finally I made it to my car and got in. When I realized that I had no groceries, and that I needed to finish shopping for my school supplies. It was just the distraction that I needed right now. I was starting to get annoyed with myself obsessing over waiting for Ranger to send a text.

So I put my phone in my purse and then I drove to Walmart. I had a list written down of the items that I needed so I went thru each isle and put them in the cart. I finally made it to the cashier and I looked at my phone and realized that it was 6:45 pm. Time surely does go by fast.

During the whole grocery shopping I avoided my cell phone, kinda hoping that Ranger would have text me but once I looked at my phone I realized that he didn't.

I definitely felt annoyed that he hasn't text me yet. But I did my best to put in the back of my head. I finally paid for my groceries, loaded car and then I was out of there making my way to my apartment.

While unloading my groceries in the house a plan began to formulate in my mind. I figured that I should find out any information about this guy and the best way I could figure out info about a person is thru Facebook, twitter, Instagram and google.

I rushed putting my groceries into their appropriate places then I grabbed my computer and snuggled in my snuggie. I was doing my best to avoid looking at my cell phone but once again was doing a terrible job at it.

I opened my computer and I felt like it was going dinosaur slow. I mean there were numerous updates, then I had to wait for the page to download everything. I mean it seems like everything goes slow when your in a rush.

Once my computer was ready to go I realized that I needed to go to bathroom, so I took care of my business and then I got back to my spot on the couch. I opened up my Facebook then I began to search for anything on Ranger Matthews but I was not able to find nothing. So I switched to twitter, and found nothing then to Instagram. I was enraged! How does this boy have no connection to social media I kept asking myself.

Lastly I went to Google and put in his name but I only got information on some other Matthews that was connected to mafia activities. But I quickly disregarded that because Ranger I'm sure has nothing to so with no Mafia.

After all that searching I became hungry, restless, and tired. I got no information, and no text message. I can't stand it when people play these kiddy games. Good night.

Ranger's POV

That Stacey is something else. Although she isn't the type I usually go for I just might have to make an exception. But I had to put all thoughts o her aside. It's go time. My dads assistant collected all of our phones and wallets.

If one of us got lose and the cops had to locate us we were absolutely not going to make it easy for them. No way. But that meant that I had no chance of texting Stacy. I hope she wasn't waiting for a text from me.

Man tonight was rough. I couldn't believe everything that went down tonight. It was all so surreal. It was like a video game. There were gun shots, knives and blood.. But I think Everyone lived to tell the story.

It's now 3 o clock in the morning and I am extremely tired. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to text Stacy tomorrow. Goodnight.


Stacey's POV (Next Day)

I woke up, stretched, and rubbed my eyes. I thanked The Lord for waking me up this morning then I grabbed my phone and realized this boy did not text me at all. I feel like a dummy. I knew my attitude was going to be all kind of messed up.

It's short so bare with me. Xoxoxo

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