Chapter 39

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Unable to open my eyes, I reach next to me in the middle of the night, feeling cold covers. The spot beside me is empty.

Sitting up, I force my eyelids open. "Tristan?"

There's no answer and I grab my sheet, wrapping it around my body. I push my door open all the way and look out into my living room. He's undressed, on the phone by the window, staring out.

I feel uncomfortable lurking by the door so I walk out slightly, scared as to why he's getting a call in the middle of the night. Is it his father? Casey Mathews?

He catches my movement and looks over. I smile at his tousled hair and mouth silently if he's okay. He nods, looking relaxed so not wanting to crowd him, I turn back into my bedroom. I settle back onto the bed, hugging the pillow. I know there is no way I'm going to bed without finding out though.

He walks in not even a minute later, sighing.

"Who was it?" I murmur and my voice crackles hoarsely.

"My father."

My brows rise in surprise. I didn't even know you could make calls this late at night in jail. He gets under the covers beside me and immediately holds his arm out. I smile and move closer to him, settling against him.

I hear his calm beating heart against my cheek and it calms me as well.

"What did he say?"

"Well, it's the first time I've gotten to talk to him since yesterday. He said he spoke with my lawyer, Todd and that all they can really do is try to get the shortest sentence possible. He isn't denying anything."

I nod, biting the inner corner of my lip. "He's not mad at you, right?"

"No, he's not. He knew it had to happen... I tried to protect him as best I could for as long as I could."

"You did. I mean, knowing about that for so long... Did it make you think differently of him?"

He's quiet for a moment and I fear I've offended him. Finally he answers.

"At first, I did. I was upset. I mean, I kind of thought he was different than most politicians. You expect them to lie and cheat- I just never thought my father was like that too... It was a wakeup call. But it never made me love him less."

"And he was always good to you?"

"Yes, always. He's a great father- a great man... Who unfortunately, got caught up in some shitty messes."

"Do you think your mom knew?"

"Probably. They told each other everything. I mean... They were probably the most together couple I've ever seen. They would go once a month away for a weekend, just them. If my dad was away, he made sure to call every night and every morning without fail. When she got sick, he decided to back out of the next election to take care of her."

"Wow," I whisper, touching his chest softly.

"After she- she died, he told me he would never remarry and as far as I know, he hasn't met anyone since."

"Wow... To love like that... That's beautiful."

I feel his lips on my hair, soft and tender. I wrap my arm around him, sighing contentedly, feeling the sudden outpour of emotions hard.



I hum, shaking my head. No way, it can't be morning already. He moves my hair back and I open my eyes sleepily. The room is still dark- there's just a hint of color in the window. He's dressed, sitting on the edge of the bed. I lick my lips, raising my brows.

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