Harry Styles Dirty Imagine

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Tonight you went to the club with your Boyfriend Harry Styles, his band mates, Eleanor and Perrie. Harry was your boyfriend for about 1 and a half year and you were good friends with Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. Niall was your best friend and when you get drunk with harry, Niall took care of you since harry was not able to take care of you, when he’s drunk. In the club was an incredible mood and good songs were blasting through the boxes. After a few shots with Harry and the others Harry stood up “I have to go to the bathroom. Niall take care of (Y/N)” he slurred/shouted over the music.. You saw him leave through the crowd. The were all dancing, making out, grinding on each other and in the corner you saw a girl throwing up. you found yourself lying on Nialls shoulder. “(Y/N) are you okay?” Since you had to many shots you felt not so well. “No, i think I had to -” You were interrupt by your favourite song. “Niall, Harry is not here. Do you want do dance?” “Yeah, why not?” A cheeky grin acrossed his face. You both stood up and went from the vip section to the dancefloor followed by Zayn and Perrie. You and Niall were dancing like crazy and after a little while his crotch was on your bum, his hands on your hips and you laid your arm around is neck. You swing your hips to the music and a small moan escaped Nialls mouth. On the corner of your eye you saw Harry sitting again in the vip section staring at the two of you. Sex with Harry was always the best feeling. He was always gentle and you tried lots of positions. But most of the time he is too lovely only rough when he gets jealous. And this was your target tonight. You were still grinding on Niall when you feel his boner trough his tight jeans and you getting wet. That’s when you turned around and gave him a sly grin. you danced a little bit longer. Crotch against crotch. You became wetter by the second of the feeling on Niall’s boner against your core. Harry was still staring at you and you knew you couldn’t walk for the next few days. You stepped back a little bit and heared him whimper “Shall we go back?” “Oh, yea. Harry is back” Niall led you back to the vip section. Harry grabbed you by the arm and you were climbing on his lap. You could tell he was mad like hell! “I fucking saw you with Niall on the dancefloor!” His eyes were dark with lust and you could feel his boner trough his jeans. His hands sneaked to your thong and felt your wetness. His face changed from lust to anger. “Who the fuck made you this wet?” You couldn’t say a word so you climbed of off his lap and into the seat next to him. His eyes watched you “I asked you something”, he screamed nearly. “I think you know who” you whispered. “Ok that’s it. We are going home” He stood up, said bye to everyone and whispered something into Nialls ear. Niall was not smiling but was not cowed. You also said bye to everyone. Eleanor asks “Is everything allright, why is he yelling at you?” “El, don’t worry. It doesn’t matter” You smile to her and she gave me a smile back. He walked fast and straight to his car. you almost fell with your black heels matching to your black little tight dress. “Harry can you walk a little bit slo-?” “Shut the fuck up!” “Ok that’s it.” you were now standing in the middle of the parking lot. He also was standing there, 9 feet away from you. “What the fuck is wrong with you, Harry?” He walks over to you and throws you over his shoulder. You screamed and other people gave you looks. you could tell you were both sober again. He walks faster than before and before you knew it you were at Harry’s car. He was slamming you against his car and was grinding at you. “I think I have to show you who you belong to!” You let a small moan out of your move when he kissed your neck and found your sweet spot right below your ear. You hear him chuckle against your soft skin. When you start to enjoy it he suddenly stopped. He held the door open for you and shuffled to the other side and jumped in the drivers seat. He drove as fast as he could and the drive was akwardly silent. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. His curls who was messy, is strong arms and big hands, his toned abs and then you see his big bulge. You decided to palm him trough his black jeans. “(Y/N) I’m drving. Stop this and wait till we get home!” “Baby, i want you now” “I said wait till we get home!!” he said trough clenched teeth. you immediately stopped. “When we are home I’ll slam you against the wall and to feel how wet you are. I’ll carry you to our bedroom and fuck you senseless till we see the sun. You can’t be able to walk for the next week baby!” Harry told you more things he would do to you when you feel yourself getting wet again. Your and flew to your core and you rubbed yorself through your thong. “Ahhh Harreeeh!” you moaned out. Suddenly the car stopped in the middle of the street and you saw Harry was looking at you with his eyes full of lust. You don’t care about everything and continue touching yourself. Harry’s eyes locked again to the road when he starts driving again. You push your thong to the side and plunged two fingers into you as your thumb found your clit and massaged it. You spread your legs so Harry could see you finger fuck yourself. His knuckels became the white around the wheel. He was loudly moaning with you. “Oh God Harry just like this. YEEEEES!” you released yourself and pulled your fingers out and brought it to your mouth. “Let me taste you!” You brought your fingers to his mouth and he licked hungrily till they are clean. The car stopped again and you were finally home. You walked up the stairs to your door and fumbled with your keys. Harry is right behind you and slammed you against the door. Your back at Harry’s chest and your breasts pressed to the door. You finally opened the fucking door and slipped out of your heels. Before you knew it he carried you bridal style to your bedroom. He threw you on the bed, undressing you then he took handcuffs and tied you to the bed post. You were lying there naked and horny. He looked at you, chuckled to himself and left. “Harry where the fuck are you going?” No reply, just laughing. After a couple of minutes he came back. He starts to undressing himself, leaving him only in his CK boxers and climbed on top of you. He was kissing you hungrily and slipped is tongue in your mouth, exploring every inch of it. He went down to your neck and found your sweet spot again, earning a moan from you. He looked up at you “Keep quiet you slut. One sound and I’ll punish you!” He looked serious so you tried to keep quiet. He went down to your breast and lightly bit your nipple and knit the other one. He kissed, licked and bite down your stomach to your throbbing clit. He kissed and licked your clit several times. It was hard to keep quiet so you grab the bedpost. He insert two of his extremely long fingers and curl them to hit your g-spot all the time. This was enough so you let out a loud and long moan. He 

immediately stopped, turned you around that you were lying on your stomach. Your arms were already sore since you were still handcuffed. “I said keep quiet or I’ll fucking punish you” he growls into my ear making me soaking. With that his big hand landed on my ass cheek. I groan out in a mixture of pain and pleasure . Then he was stroking the place were he hurt me. He did this several times again untill he turned you around again. “This was only the beginning of your punishment, baby!” His husky voice was the sexiest thing in the entire world. He stands up and slowly pushing his boxers to his ankles, relieving his huge cock and kicking them to the side. He climbed on top of you again and slammed into you without warning or let you adjust to his size. “Oh god Harry you could’ve warned me, ahh” “Baby you… are… so… fucking tight” He said between thrusts. He was pumping in you at a hard pace. ” So who do you belong to, baby?” “YOU HARRY!” “who’s making you feel this good?” “always you harry, OH GOD I’M CLOSE!” you felt that familiar knot in your stomach. Harry yells your name as he released himself into you. You were close and before your orgasm could approach he pulled out. “HARRY WHAT THE FUCK??” “Baby this was for the story in the club with Niall;)” You automatically felt guilty. He uncuffed you and looked at your expression. “You know I love you baby!” “Yes, i know and I love you to” He kissed you passionately. “Babe, I’ll finish you up” and with that he went down on you and slowly pushed his tongue inside your pussy. His thumb was rubbing your clit in small circles. “HARRY! keep going, babe. I’m about to cum!!” As you climax into Harry’s mouth you screamed his name, who cares about the neighbors. He licks you clean and collapsed next to you. He was spooning you and you could feel all of him until you drift in a peaceful sleep.

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