Lets take this story back fifty years ago. When Tom was in his seventh year at Hogwarts. Tom was sixteen years old and ready to destroy the entire race of mudbloods and take the wizard world to the next level. But something, or someone, put that on hold.......

Chapter 1

I felt the world sink beneath my feet, my heart went with it. No, this could not be happening! My fingers trembled as I dropped the paper in my hands. The words on it were too much. The image of the words rung in my head, growing bigger and bolder.

I couldn't help but shift my thoughts back to when my unlucky fate had all begun.


I sat huddled in a corner, away from my abusive parents. I didn't want to run into them again. I shivered at the thought. My clothes were dirty and battered, they didn't even deserve to be called clothes. I laid a hand gently on my hair.

Ugh. Matted.

I was too afraid to brush it at the moment because my parents had pulled and scratched at my head, leaving ugly bruises that prevented me from even stroking it. I traced my fingers ightly on my face only to feel hills of bumps and swollen eyes.

I sniffed at myself slowly inhaling, but holding my breath hard as soon as I took a whiff. I smelled like I hadn't taken a shower in days, even though I took one yesterday night. I probably smelled like hat from all the terrible chores I had done that day.

I would wait until my parents fall asleep to bathe, I thought. My parents were alchaholics. Everyday they would drink gallons of beer and beat me without even knowing it. Suddenly, the door swung open with a roar as my mother stepped in clumsily with a bottle of tequila.

"This came in the mail or you sweetie." A smirk flashed across her face which told me it wasn't a good thing. I tood up cautiously and slowly walked over to her and took the envelope out of her firm grip. Without warning she took a swig of tequila and spat it out at me.

I automatically closed my eyes to block the alchahol from burning my them but it was too late. I winced and took a step back in pain as she thrust the tequila-covered envelope to the floor and slammed the door shut as she walked out taking another mouthful of tequila.

After a few seconds of rubbing my eyes furiously with the tips of my fingers, I picked the envelope up

from the ground and ripped it open. It was from people by the names of the Riddles. I scanned the words thoroughly.

'We would like to offer this opportunity to Miss. De'bunare for the chance to gain responsibility and skills by offering her a once-in-a-lifetime chance to come work for us in the Riddle mansion as a servant. She would be gone for a while but you would still be able to write to her whenever you wish. Her time here would mean a great deal to us.

We would of course teach her discipline and respect as you wish. All you have to do is sign your names at the bottom of this letter and there will be a car sent for her right away.

Thank you for your time.

-The Riddles

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