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Chapter Four

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Two days after, Enrique's father, Joaquim Monteiro, called him and gave him unexpected news.

"The prodigal daughter returned yesterday. Fredo was still very angry, but because of his wife's heart condition, he decided to forgive his daughter."

"So, what happens now? Are we going to forget about this marriage deal?" Enrique asked, cradling the phone between his jaw and shoulder while undressing himself for a shower inside the presidential suite of their hotel in Rio.

"Hmm... Fredo did not pursue the issue anymore. Sophia forcefully disagrees with the marriage. She does not understand how important this is to us. She is still young, actually twenty-two, and just earned her Bachelor's Degree in Management. We agreed that we should give her time to mature."

"Well, I'm not in a hurry either. I'm enjoying my life now." Enrique said, but deep inside him, he felt rejected by Sophia. He didn't want to pursue the marriage either, but he really wanted her, so badly.

The last two days were such torture. His mind and body craved for her. Everything about her, especially her delicious scent disturbed him. He could not even think straight anymore, his brain was clouded with her image.

He was disappointed that Sophia did not bother to call him. He had been waiting for two days and two nights. He did not let go of his cell phone in case she would call. He was like an idiot, a stupid lovesick teenage boy waiting for nothing.

He decided not to go back to the States without seeing Sophia again. He had to see her as soon as possible and get to know her better. He wanted to ask her for a date and really anticipated spending a night with her.

No, one night wouldn't be enough, maybe a week or a month or until the potent attraction I feel for her vanishes.

She might be young, but she was not innocent. They could have a casual fling then bid goodbye.

He suddenly remembered Sophia's sad face, when she told him about her ex-boyfriend. He groaned. He didn't like the thought of her being hurt.

What does she mean, trying to move on? Does this mean that she is still in love with her ex? Damn! I could break his neck for hurting her.

Jealousy suddenly overwhelmed him. At that moment, he wanted so badly to help her erase all the feelings she has for her ex.

"Then it's no problem, son. We can go back to the States tomorrow and close that deal in California." His father answered him, bringing Enrique's fogged mind back to the present.

He strolled to the bathroom and removed the white towel around his hips. "I can't, Dad. I'm still on vacation. Besides, I already instructed Greg to reschedule our trip to California."

"Okay, if that's what you want. But I would appreciate it if you could come with us."

"What do you mean us? You're travelling with someone?" Enrique was surprised. Maybe his father met a woman, a new girlfriend perhaps. Since his mother died ten years ago, his father never ever dated and entertained the idea of marrying again.

"Yes. Sophia will come with me. Fredo agreed not to pursue the issue of marriage in one condition, that she should undergo training in handling business with us, so that a few years from now, she could manage their business."

"What?" Enrique could not believe what he'd just heard. A feeling of warm glow flowed deep inside his heart.

"Yes, son. We decided that the best person to train her is you. So, what do you think?"

Yes! His smile broadened in approval, but he tried not to show it to his father. "Well, I don't have any choice, right? You made the decision again, without consulting me first."

His father chuckled. "You are right, you don't have a choice, son."

At that moment, he felt like the gates of heaven opened, and he heard legions of angels singing. Hallelujah!

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