On the Record | #1

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Shannon: Hi everyone, I'm Shannon! I'm so happy that you could make it today to hang out with two of our favorites –

Claire: Case should be here eventually. He's a little tied up at the moment.

Adam: What she means is that she hid his truck keys from him.

Claire: Don't you even blame me for that. He started the whole thing. Besides, you didn't help the situation.

Adam: Anyway...

Adam shifts in the chair and crosses his arms, ignoring the unamused expression Claire is giving him.

Shannon: Okay then. Um, we have a few reader questions for the pair of you. Answer whatever you feel comfortable with, and I guess we'll just get started.

The first questions are from CelineHerondale and That_Nerd_Nani. They're similar, but Adam's was asked first.

Adam: Pft. Of course it was.

Claire: Could you deflate your ego a bit?

Adam: Want to deflate it for me?

Claire looks at me apologetically.

Claire: I'm sorry. What were the questions?

Shannon: That_Nerd_Nani was wondering if Adam would tell us what's going on between him and Wanda. Adam, would you like to comment?

Adam: Geez. That sounds like something this one would ask.

He points a finger at Claire and she makes a face at him.

Claire: Really? Don't you go pointing anything at me. She has a point. So, what are you hiding?

Adam: I'd tell you, but then I would lose my edge.

Claire: You're impossible!

Adam: Impossibly rugged? Handsome? Swoon worthy?

Claire: More like barf worthy.

Adam: She wants me.

Claire grins and shakes her head.

Adam: Admit it. You do.

Claire: He's right, I do.

Adam: BAM!

Claire: I want him...to go away.

Adam's jaw drops a bit and Claire gives him a sweet smile.

Claire: So, what was the other question?

Shannon: CelineHerondale wanted to ask you what you thought Adam and Wanda were hiding.

Claire: Well, Wanda's hiding what kind of hairspray she uses because let me tell you...her hair is volumized. It's not crunchy either—

Adam: Are we talking about peanut butter now?

Claire: -- you know how sometimes hair gets like crunchy when you hairspray it? Yea. Wanda's doesn't.

Adam: And what about me, sweetheart? What am I hiding?

Claire: I think the better question is, what are you not hiding?

Adam nudges her chair with his foot and she looks at him challengingly.

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