I walked into my room to see Luna tangled up on the floor in one of my dresses. She looks up at me with desperation on her face. "Don't just stand there, help a crazy person." She has one arm in the dress and one arm tangled out through the other strap and the bottom of the dress.

If you can't get yourself dressed, then I say you shouldn't be allowed to go out to parties and drink.

I stand there and laugh at her failed attempt to get out of the tangled mess, and then I decide to be nice and help her out of it. "How old are you? Like, five years old?" I tug on the dress and end up dragging her across the floor, trying to get her out of it.

She finally gets free from the dress and snatches it out of my hands and throws it at the window. "That dress is evil. I'm not wearing that tonight." She stomps over to my closet in her underwear and heels and starts throwing dresses on the ground in a pile. Then she trips over the pile as her heel gets caught in the pile of straps. "Ouch!"

I sit down on my bed and laugh at her. "That's what you get for always wearing my clothes. Don't you have any of your own?"

She picks up a black strapless dress and throws it on. "I've already worn all of my clothes. They get boring after you wear them once. Like most men in my life." She throws her long brown hair up and starts messing around in the mirror. "Get dressed. We need to leave soon."

I stand up and smooth out my shirt. "I'm already dressed." I look down at my black shirt and my old worn-out jeans. I go for comfort, not for let's see who's boobs can fall out first.

She looks me up and down with a disgusted look on her face, like I just crawled out of a dumpster or something." Um... no, you are not wearing that. No… no way. You're not going to embarrass me again."

Me? Embarrass her? She once went grocery shopping dressed like an angel because she said it made her feel like a Victoria Secret model.

She picks up a few dresses and then throws them back on the pile, until she pulls out my favorite white dress with a black ribbon that ties under the breast. "Wear this. You look super hot in this dress."

I take a look at the dress and my face instantly gets hot. The last time I wore that dress, I had almost every guy at the party we were at trying to pick me up, and even a few women. The dress fits my curves perfectly and makes my legs look tan and slender. "I'm not wearing that dress, Luna... now put it back."

She jumps on top of me and starts pulling my shirt off. "Yes, you are dammit!"

I start slapping her hands and screaming at her, "RAPE! This is rape!" I try grabbing for my shirt one more time, but she pretty much has it over my head now. We both stop and look over at my phone as it starts ringing. I push Luna off of me and onto the floor. Then I get up and run for my phone just as Luna starts running to it.

She reaches for my phone, but I snatch it back. "Who is it?" She opens the text from an unknown number and we both read it.

Change of plans. I hope you girls don't mind if I just pick you up instead. :)

Luna looks at me and laughs. "Did he really just send you a cheesy happy face?" Then she snatches my phone out of my hand and types in a message before I can stop her.

Yes! :)

I snatch my phone and look at it. "Dang it, Luna! I'm already nervous about tonight and now you have him picking us up." Oh no... oh no. I grab the dress that she picked out for me and I run to my closet and change. I always feel awkward changing in front of Luna. It's like she's comparing our bodies and I already know that hers is perfect. "I hate you sometimes…"

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