Chapter #3

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"Come on, now! Stay with me!"
was all the cervitaur heard before he gratefully slipped into unconsciousness.

He woke with a jolt.
Dipper couldn't of been asleep for too long, cause he was still lying on the forest floor. He took in his surroundings. Still, trees were all around, though, before, it was getting kind of dark out, but now, the sun was just rising. He didn't see the hunter anywhere.
"Guess I slept out here all night, huh?" Dipper thought. He went to stand, but flinched at the pain in his leg. "Oh, guess that wasn't a dream..." slowly lowering himself back down to the ground, the cervitaur sniffed the air, remembering the scent of the hunter from last night. Ah, he was coming this way.
Dipper turned his head in the direction he smelt the hunter was coming. As he predicted, the man from last night came out from behind a tree. Seeing the cervitaur was awake, the hunter rushed over, falling to his knees next to Dipper, dropping his backpack down on the fresh grass, too.
"Your awake!" The Blondie half-yelled, "I thought you were a goner.. I-.... thought you were a real deer, my apologies! As soon as I saw my mistake, I ran to your aid. I wrapped your leg up with some supplies I found in my pack. Don't worry, you'll be fine! Oh, and by the way, my name is William!" Dipper ignored the little "I think.." mumbled at the end of William's sentence. The cervitaur continued to stare at the hunter now named William's face. William raised an eyebrow
"Umm. It's not nice to stare, but, I know, it's hard not to!" William snickered lightly at his own words.
"I wasn't staring! I was just.. ermm.. obzerving your facial expression and-!" Dipper tried to explain, but William put his hand up, silently telling him to stop talking. "Oh, give it up, we both know you can't get enough of this!" William said as he made hand motions toward himself.
"Once you lay your eyes on me, you just can't get enough~!"
Dipper was getting tired of this guy already. The cervitaur snorted, attempting to get up again, grunting as he did so. "No, no, no.. you can't get up! Not yet. Just wait and rest for a bit, first!" William worried, placing both his hands on Dipper's flank and gently pushing downward to get him to lay down again.
The cervitaur sighed.
He might as well get settled, he was going to be here awhile.

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